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How to Stay Fit in Lockdown: 6 Essential Home Gym Pieces

The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown has turned everybody’s lives upside down. One minute we were going to work and meeting our families like we normally do, and the next we were confined to our homes with no prospect of meeting other people. This has had a huge impact on our health as it is no longer possible to use gyms and for some people even outside exercise is banned. As a result of this new sedentary lifestyle, it is important to maintain your fitness at home if you want to stay healthy, so here we are going to take a look at 6 essential home gym pieces.


Treadmills have been around for years, but the lockdown has seen them soaring in popularity because they give you the ability to run in your own home whilst undergoing a great cardiovascular workout. Furthermore, they can be programmed so that you can run up or down hills, or you can even set your favorite route so you have the sensation of running outdoors. They are kind to your knees as the rubber belt is much softer than tarmac, so if you are looking to mimic your favorite outdoor activity then a treadmill is the piece of home gym equipment that you need.


For those of you that like to put on and maintain muscle, your best bet for the home is to purchase a set of dumbells. Dumbbells can come in many different weights so whatever your strength there will be an option for you, and the range of different exercises that you can do is pretty much limitless if you are looking to train your upper body. If you are looking for inspiration there are many work-out programs on the internet, so use the lockdown to your advantage and tone your body, ready for the summer holidays.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes used to be fairly basic affairs, but these days there are literally hundreds of different models that you can choose from, all with their unique selling points. There are bikes for all budgets and levels of fitness so it’s best if you visit this site to get a clear idea of what is available. These days it is perfectly possible to have a virtual race against your friends using one of the many available apps, and your bike will record your previous performances so you can measure yourself against your last ride, ensuring that you are always getting better.

A Skipping Rope

A skipping rope is one of the cheapest pieces of exercise equipment that you can buy and is perfect for training in the garden. There is a reason why you always see boxers training with a rope, and that is because it is one of the most intense all-round exercises that you can do. It is excellent for improving your cardiovascular health and toning your muscles, so if you are looking to try something different, then a skipping rope is for you.


Kettlebells differ from dumbells in that they are designed to be swung rather than simply lifted, and if used properly can really help to tighten up your abdominal muscles. They are available in all different weight sizes, so even those just starting their fitness journey will find them appealing. They can also be used as a stand when doing press-ups or planking, so they are the perfect multipurpose piece of gym equipment for the home.

Pull Up Bar

If you really want to show off a gym-honed physique on the beach then you need a pull-up bar in your life. There are two different types available; a basic unit that will fit in between any doorway in the house, or a stand-alone unit that can be positioned in any room. Both have their pro’s and con’s since the door unit is very cheap but the standalone unit allows for many different types of exercise. Whichever you go for you will immediately notice the difference to your upper body physique, and will be the envy of all your friends and fellow beachgoers.

Exercising at home is paramount if you want to come out of the lockdown period in good health. When I say health I don’t just mean physical health, I am also talking about mental health as studies have shown that regular exercise helps us banish our demons. So, look to replicate your normal gym at home by introducing a treadmill, weights, and an exercise bike, and you will then sail through lockdown getting fitter by the day, ready to face an entirely changed new world.


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