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How To Find Good Work For Student

Finding jobs in the current economy might be difficult for students who have just graduated. Because of the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak, companies are not too willing to hire at this point. According to research, unemployment in the United States skyrocketed in the month of April, with 14.7% of the population losing their jobs. The emergency situation that COVID-19 placed the country in affected the job market tremendously. Since nonessential businesses were forced to closed and are just now considering re-opening, many students might have serious issues starting their career paths this fall.

However, there are ways in which students can be effective in the job-hunting process. Here are just some of the tips that might be useful during these times.

Online Networking Is What You Should Consider

The most relevant way to communicate right now is online. This is why you should consider online networking as your top choice at this point. If you connect with people the right way, they will reach back to you – in the end, this is how relationships are formed. Once you connect with the people you are interested in, you can easily ask for job opportunities. For those relationships to be candid, consider:

– Being your true self. Do not try to impress the people that you are networking with. If they do not like you for who you really are, then they don’t deserve connecting with you anyways. Am I right?

– Making communication as personal as you can. Don’t fake it but make sure that you apply some personal insights in your dialogue. Try to connect with them by researching their passions and noticing how they connect with yours. There are many topic essays here that could help you find common grounds with your connections, check them out.

– Have a solid LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the most used job platforms in the world. If your profile is not professional enough, people won’t be interested in connecting with you at all.

Online networking is just a precursor for the actual offline meeting that will take place. So, make sure you prepare for that. Set the foundation of your relationship online so that you could move to the physical meeting with no worries.

Friends And Family Are Good References

Use your friends and family as references. Since they might have good relationships and extended contacts, try talking to them about it. There is no shame in taking advantage of the opportunities that you are given. This can result in a really good experience. And even if you don’t end up working for the people you were referred to, you are at least having the chance to practice your networking skills.

Don’t Stop At Job Listings

Platforms such as Indeed or Glassdoor are quite good at giving you the gist of what a company is looking for. However, some of the vacancies that you are applying for might need more than that, especially if you are going for a large-size business. This is why it is important to look beyond the job listings. While applying on these platforms or on the company’s website is necessary, it would be amazing if you learned how to be pro-active.

Instead of stopping where you’re at, reach out to the employer or the recruiter that is looking to hire. Expand your connection beyond the application. Shoot them an e-mail with your name, maybe a picture, and the reasons why you are interested in the job. Send them your cover letter. Ensure that they see you before they see your application.

Expand The Search

You might have some valuable skills right now, but what if you had more? There are so many opportunities for you to advance in this technological era, it’s crazy! You can learn literally anything online. And you lose nothing, only gain lots of experience out of it. Check out Search Engine Optimization or search for jobs on Upwork or Fiverr. Post your skills and services to see how your success rate would evolve. Do people need what you are selling? Are you selling yourself well enough? Are you confident enough in your own success? This brings me to the next point.

Be Confident And Excited!

Whenever you apply for jobs or have an interview, you want to be as confident as possible. Leave all your worries behind and just be in the present moment. If you are there, present, confident, and excited, you don’t have anything to worry about. Your recruiters are humans, so they understand that you might be a bit anxious; but if you show enthusiasm, they will be more than happy to hire you.


Finding the perfect job for you might not happen quickly – you might have to go through a long process of job applications in order to get exactly what you want. Remember to be open and honest and let everything else flow naturally. Good luck!

Author Bio: James Collins is a freelance writer and researcher. In his free time, he likes hiking and climbing. James’s career in self-development helped him help others. Now, his main passion is helping students succeed

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