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How Indonesian Gambling Site Differs From the Rest

Indonesia is a country in Oceania and Southeast Asia. It is the world’s largest island country. The country’s population is a majority of Muslims, although other religions also exist. In Indonesia, when you ask some people about their favorite pastime, a lot of them will answer online gambling.

People in Indonesia are restless when it comes to online gambling. They fancy the game because there are not many places where you can play it in person if you live in Indonesia. Some things make online gambling in Indonesia, different from other countries.


The Indonesia Government banned online gambling sites from operating in the country. As mentioned a while ago, Indonesia’s population is a majority of Muslims. Their religion prohibits the activity because it involves the immoral temptation of wishing the other participants to lose so that they can gain something in return. It makes you hope for easy money without working hard, and it could bring hatred in the hearts of the people. The government of Indonesia has enforced restrictions and rules that ban any form of gambling and that people caught on the act of doing this are going to feel the coldness of the jail bars. Even when casinos and other places that host gambling games are not allowed to operate, people still find a way to gamble.

Gambling Websites

There are no local websites allowed to operate in Indonesia because they are under the radar of the government. People love to gamble in Indonesia, so they find ways to do it. Because technology is fast evolving, there are some ways they can play online without getting caught. If local gambling sites are banned, you can use other gambling sites by using VPNs. Most people in Indonesia would visit 188 spesial to gamble because it offers a wide variety of gambling game selections, like roulette, machine slots, blackjack, and many others you can think of. You can use a VPN to hide your IP Address, so your government will not know what you are doing.

Odd and Expensive Places to Gamble

There are also some places you can gamble in the country. However, it can cause money. Several underground casinos and hidden casinos masked by legal establishments can be found in the country. These places cater to people who are rich enough to avail of membership worth more than what you can put together when you are an ordinary working man. Getting caught in the act of gambling would, however, lead to a severe punishment because you have not only violated your country’s law but also your religion.

As far as all people are concerned, whether you are a Muslim or not, you must have control of your urges on spending too much when you play on online gambling sites or any casinos. These games were initially designed for recreation and fun, but it has evolved into a game that can cause trouble to people who play it. Casinos and online gambling sites will continue to operate whether or not you stop playing, a new player can easily replace you. So, think twice before you put your chips on the casino tables.


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