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How Can You Support Small Businesses In LA This Fall?

There’s nothing like shopping small. Small businesses are the backbone of local economies, with nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States trying to stay afloat. They create jobs, foster communities, and provide opportunities for innovation. There are many ways to support small businesses in Los Angeles. Here are some easy ways to get involved this fall.

Give to a Local Charity

Truly find the causes you care about and support them. When you support a charity that’s dear to your heart, you can continue to spread their message and feel good about what you’re doing. Use social media to start a funding page so friends and family can also contribute.

Volunteer At a Local Event

Organize your calendar for the fall. If you want to volunteer to help set up a local community event, help find small businesses that can join in on the fun. Invite your community and have a blast! Help the small business owners set up their displays, and use social media to help spread the word about the event taking place in your area of LA.

There are plenty of other ways you can help, too. Maybe you could attend the ribbon-cutting or a block party or offer some of your marketing skills. Perhaps you can offer in-kind services to help set up or organize the community event. You can even coordinate a raffle for a local business to celebrate its anniversary or arrange for your company to sponsor it in a more formal way.

Wear Clothes From Favorite Local Stores

Many local small businesses and outlets take part in stores and festivals to encourage shoppers to support local businesses during the fall. Tell your family, friends, and others about the program and encourage them to wear their clothes from local stores to support local merchants. Donate in your name or as part of a community effort.

Another easy way to support local businesses is by donating in your name or as part of a community effort. Many banks and credit unions allow customers to make donations in the name of students, teachers, and non-profits. You can find your local credit union or bank on their websites to find out more.

Visit Local Cafes

Some positions allow individuals to work from anywhere. The number of freelance workers is tremendously increasing and is projected to make up a major part of the U.S workforce by 2027. By grabbing a coffee and sitting at a table for a few hours to work, you’re helping a small local business and giving back to your community. Plus, you’ll enjoy your favorite latte and a bagel while you’re at it.

Shop Small and Shop Local

If you’re heading out to buy some fall essentials this season, and you are in a rush to get to the store, consider shopping small. In recent days, people have been buying equipment to redo their homes from small businesses, with the money spent by Americans exceeding $394 billion in 2018 alone. Start by shopping at these small boutiques. These brands are all-inclusive in terms of style and affordability. Plus, decor for your home will be more original and unique when you shop locally instead of at a big box store.

In an age of convenience, people often forget about the benefits of supporting small businesses. It’s not just about supporting your local community or shopping at a store where you can talk to a human being; it’s also about making sure your money goes to people who care about what they’re selling and providing service with a smile. Do your part by contributing to LA’s small businesses this fall!


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