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How Can Yoga Help Improve a Person’s Mental Wellbeing

Yoga is a different experience for everyone who chooses to practice it. For some, yoga is a form of meditation. For others, yoga is a relaxing stretch after a workout. The environment where yoga is practiced can also have an impact on the experience. Think about how different you feel practicing in a class versus in your own home.

Regardless of the purpose of pursuing yoga, there are many benefits that both the brain and body can get from this practice.

Rhythmic Breathing

A large part of any yoga practice is breathing. Whether you are following along with an instructor, a video, or simply practicing on your own, you will need to be conscious of your breathing. Multiple studies have shown that deep breathing can help to reduce stress in the body and mind. Everyone knows that stress can take a negative toll on your mental health. The emphasis on breathing while practicing yoga is one way to help manage the stresses of everyday life and improve your mental wellbeing.

Physical Feels

When you engage in a yoga flow routine, you’ll feel the stretch throughout your entire body. Even if you don’t exercise regularly, stretching is recommended at least three times a week to maintain flexibility within the body. If you are exercising regularly, it is critical that you make time to stretch before and after a workout.

When your body feels good, your mind will feel good! It is no secret that when you stretch or exercise, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical in the body that react with receptors in the brain to make you feel good. Some have even compared the feeling of releasing endorphins similar to taking morphine. This is great for those who may be suffering from chronic pain or simply a sore body.

Time for Yourself

No matter what your daily routine entails, it can sometimes be tempting to push ourselves to the maximum that we can take. This is because we want to be productive and reach our goals. This drive to succeed is great for our goals but not as great for our mind and body. Taking time to take a breath (quite literally) is a critical part of a daily routine for someone who feels like they are always on the go or always working. If you make yoga a habit in your daily, or even weekly, routine, you’ll find that you start to look forward to the peaceful time that you get to spend with yourself and your yoga mat.

Overcome the Bad to Focus on the Good

There are many ways to focus on the “good” instead of the “bad” when practicing yoga. One of these practices is called Niyama. Niyama is the practice of yoga, which eliminates negative inclinations. This practice encourages you to overcome bad habits and reminds you that you are a member of the family of the universe. Niyama also helps to expel any bad energy that may have entered your surroundings. When you complete a Niyama practice, you’ll find that you have a clear mind and a better attitude towards the world than when you started.

Improve Circulation

On a physical level, yoga has been known to improve circulation through various yoga poses and postures. Specifically, when engaging in head-down postures, you will be sending more blood to the brain and lungs. These interactions occur all over the body when you are practicing yoga. The folks at AYA recommends a comfortable pair of yoga pants that aren’t too tight to keep the blood moving through the body. If you are practicing before bed, the sympathetic nervous system will help to relax the body and send you into a relaxing sleep. You’ll find that your mind is clear so it is easier than ever to fall fast asleep.

Natural Massage

One of the perks of yoga that many people are not aware of, is a massage. Many of the yoga positions are designed to massage one or more elements of the body. This is great for sore muscles from your daily routines or exercises. This natural massage is especially great for the neck and shoulder area. You’ll find that the massage releases tension and will help you alleviate any pressure that you were feeling from these tense muscles. This results in a clearer mind and happier thoughts that aren’t focused on your sore body.

Overall, there are many ways that yoga can improve a person’s mental well being. Specifically, the art of Niyama involves cleansing any negative energy or feelings from the mind, body, and surroundings. Additionally, physical stretching and self-massage, release endorphins which help with pain management and promote positive feelings in the brain. Lastly, the time alone with yourself will provide you with a calm moment in your day that you will come to look forward to.

Written by Allen Brown


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