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Home Decorating Tips: How One Specific Item Could Revive Your Living Room

After spending a fortune on buying your dream home, it is time to invest in making it look like a reflection of your personality. Your home should resonate with your values, ideas, and your taste. While a professional interior decorator could do it for you, there would be very little that would resonate with you as a person. So, you should spend some time and decorate it accordingly.

Besides, it could turn out to be an expensive affair and cost you a fortune if you do not have the funds to invest in an interior decorator. So, is it possible to decorate your home and make it look picture-perfect without splurging on professional or expensive decorative items? The answer to that is yes! Professional interior decorators suggest that even just one item in your living room could change the way it looks and feels. Don’t believe us? Here are a few decorative items you could invest in. Adding just one of these to your living room could change the way you look at your house.

The Classy Telephone Box

You could turn your home into a classic British movie set by bringing in a phone booth. Adding a telephone box display cabinet to your home would give it the much-needed wow factor. The tinted glasses and the red frame of the phone booth would transform your living room and make for a wonderful conversation starter. The cabinet would work great not just for your living room but also in your child’s bedroom, your office room, etc., which means that you could move it around the house often and change the look of your entire home by playing with the prop positioning. You could also use this telephone rack as a bookshelf or leave it as a fully functional display cabinet for your home phone.

Throw Pillows

Giving your home a cozy and comfortable feel does not have to be an expensive affair. You do not have to invest in huge and expensive decor items to make your home welcoming and to relax. All you need to do is bring in a bunch of throw pillows that complement the look and feel of your house. As throw pillows are both aesthetic and functional, they serve the purpose of helping you relax while accenting the colors of your home as a decorative addition.

While the general perception is that the throw pillows need to match the color of the drapes, carpet, and paint, it does not have to be the case all the time. If you have white walls and pastel-colored drapes, you could add vibrant and bright-colored throw pillows that are fluffy and attractive to bring in an element of color and vibrance to the room. The mix and match of the decor and the room would make your living room attractive.

Adaptable Furniture

This is a great idea to add some fun to your living room. While the common practice is to use multi-purpose furniture in studio apartments and small homes, it need not be that way all the time. You could stylize your home with an ottoman that has storage space or use a convertible bed. Adaptable furniture makes it possible for you to save money and give your home a unique look. Murphy beds never go out of style. You could convert your living room into an additional bedroom by turning the sofa into a bed and let your guests sleep in comfort after that all-night-long party. Alternatively, you could also try a wall bed, which doubles as a storage unit when vertically mounted.

Book Shelf

The best way to relax after a tiring day is to settle on your cozy sofa with an engaging book in hand. If you add a bookshelf right by your couch, it would be both accessible and add visual interest to your home. It would give your home a library-Esque feel without taking up a whole room or wall for shelving. If you do not have ample space to place an entire bookshelf, you could invest in floating shelves on the wall, which could hold your book collection and fit everywhere seamlessly. You could call it the unicorn of designs and capture the interest of your guests without taking too much space in your tiny living room.

These simple items could change the way your living room feels. And each one of them would give your home a unique look and theme. So, which one of these magical items are you adding to your house? Do let us know in the comments section!


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