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Having Trouble Picking The Right Clothes? Here Are Some Solid Tips To Help You Out

It is no understatement to say that clothes make the man (or woman). Your clothes are some of the first things people notice about you when you meet them. It may not always be fair or kind, but they are likely to form lasting impressions based on what they see. You will want to ensure that they leave with positive ones.

Picking the right clothes is a skill that some of us seem to be born with innately. Others may struggle with pulling together the right looks for their body type and personality. The good thing about choosing the right fashions is that they can be learned. All that is required is an understanding of some basic rules and practice. Follow these tips and we’ll have you strutting like a runway model in no time.

Select Clothes That Compliment Your Body Type

No matter how trendy a piece of clothing is, no matter how many of your friends are raving about it, if it does not look good on you, do not wear it. Advice on what to wear can be found in a lot of places, but we’ve tried to narrow it down.

Even though our bodies come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, they generally tend to conform to a few body type categories.

– Hourglass
– Triangle/Pear
– Apple
– Rectangle

Admittedly, these are strange names, but the body types in question are similar to what they suggest.

The hourglass body type is proportionate in that the shoulders and hips are roughly equivalent, with a well-defined waist, much like an hourglass. Most styles are flattering on this body type, so there is a wide variety of things you can wear if you have it. Wear styles that flatter the curves and emphasize the waist. Stay away from fashions that are baggy as your body can get lost in them.

The triangular or pear body shape features shoulders and a bust that are distinctly narrower than the hips. The trick with this body is making the top appear more proportionate to the bottom. Loose-fitting tops with tighter pants or skirts can create the illusion of a more hourglass-shaped body. You can find out more about pants at and see which of these styles will work best with your triangle/pear-shaped body. This body type should stay away from tight-fitting tops with loose bottoms.

Apple-shaped bodies have shoulders and bustlines that are larger than their hips and they tend to carry weight around the waistline. Wear clothes that take attention away from that stomach area. Focus on accentuating the legs or elongating the torso.

Those with rectangular-shaped bodies have a more “athletic” look with shoulders and hips that are roughly equivalent but without the defined waist of the hourglass. Look for fashions that add definition to the waist and the upper body and lower body.

Select Colors That Are Complementary To Your Skin Tone

You will have to work out whether you have warm undertones, neutral or cool undertones. Your undertones remain the same regardless of your skin color.

People with warm skin tones have yellow or orange undertones. People with cool skin tones have pinkish or bluish undertones. People with neutral undertones have a mixture of the two.

It is recommended that people with warmer skin tones wear the following colors:

– Coral
– Amber
– Gold
– Green
– Red
– Yellow
– Olive

Cooler skin tones will be complemented by the following:

– Blues
– Purples
– Deep Greens

Neutral skin tones can wear most colors comfortably.

Wear Brands That Flatter You

If you find a clothing brand in cuts and colors that highlight your good points and minimize your flaws, continue to buy from that brand. It is likely that they will continue to produce clothing that you like and that looks good on you.

Spend a Little More on Your Clothing

Of course, this depends on your budget and you’ll have to use your discretion. As a rule, cheaper clothing will not last as long as its more expensive counterpart. It may make sense to purchase a few expensive pieces and have them last longer than have a closet full of cheaper clothes that you have to spend money to replace more often.

Don’t Forget Accessories and Shoes

Your wardrobe is not going to be complete without the right accessories and shoes to go with your new clothes. Purchase these in complementary colors and matching styles.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of guidelines you can use to help you pick the right clothes. It is a good start with some basics to get you on your way. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.


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