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Hamilton Musical In Los Angeles 2021

Hamilton is an extremely popular musical that tells the story of Alexander Hamilton. Perhaps the popularity of the show can be attributed to the fact that it fosters multiculturalism. Unfortunately, because of a global pandemic, theaters were closed for a relatively long time, resulting in fans missing this show. But don’t fret because the long wait is over.

The Show Time

The fans of Hamilton Musical in Los Angeles can once again catch the show beginning August of 2021. It is set to run until January of 2022 so make sure that you take the time to see it before the curtains are closed once again. Rest assured that you won’t regret purchasing a ticket to see one of the most renowned musicals of all time.

Where To Get Tickets?

In this modern-day and age, you should already leverage technology to secure tickets to the Hamilton Musical set to grace the Pantages Theater. In this case, make sure to explore online sources featuring theater ticket sales because you will find Hamilton tickets in Los Angeles here on these sites. The good news is that some even offer a certain discount code to purchase tickets at a lower price. However, you need to purchase your tickets early because there is a great chance for the tickets to be sold out soon as so many people missed the show.

The Cast

After more than a year in hiatus, the cast of the hit show Hamilton is so ready to share their talents back on stage. Jamael Westman will still play the lead role, performing as Alexander Hamilton. He is an Olivier nominee who initially played Hamilton in the London production. Westman will be joined by Nicholas Christopher as Aaron Burr, his archenemy in the play. Among the cast members, it was Sabrina Sloan as Angelica Schuyler who is most ecstatic about the opening of the show. She is already in her third year in the show and looking at the empty seats of the theater gave her goosebumps.

Health Protocols

Even if the play is once again commencing and everyone is allowed back to the theater, it is still a must to practice health protocols. Last May, the theater served as a vaccination site, and those who got vaccinated in Pantages Theater even got the chance to win free tickets to the play. Thus, make sure that you are fully vaccinated before you consider watching the show because in doing so, you will be more protected against the extreme effects of the virus. The good news is that you may even be alleviated from wearing a mask when you watch the show.

If you are keen on watching Hamilton in Los Angeles, then make sure that you secure your tickets now. As August is just around the corner, you can expect that the tickets will be sold out any time soon. This can also be attributed to the fact that there are only a limited number of people allowed in the theater. So hurry and get those tickets if you want to see the most talented cast back on stage, live.


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