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Grey Goose hosts the Final Summer Soiree with a Performance from Capitol Record’s Parade of Lights

It’s hard to accept that summer will be coming to a close next month, but there is still time to squeeze in one last soiree before the seasons switch up. If you are in search of the perfect cocktail to serve your guests–not too strong, super refreshing, but gets the job done–then you should try your hand at one of Grey Goose’s signature recipes. In celebration of Grey Goose’s #SummerSoiree finale we were treated to an intimate mixology session with their resident mixologist David Kaplan, who walked us through combining the ingredients for the perfect party drinks.

Outside of The Library at the Redbury Hotel, we are greeted by a friendly and attentive waitress. She is serving Le Grand Fizz cocktails that are beautifully presented with metal stirrers imitating the Grey Goose logo. The scene is almost reminiscent of New York. The rooftop of The Library sits between two taller pillars of the building. Looking up you’re surrounded by perfectly red bricks and looking out you catch a glimpse of the city view beyond the buildings next door.

In the very back there is a roped off section separating a beautifully decorated table stocked with Grey Goose flavors L’Orange, La’ Poire, Le Citron, Le Melon and Cherry Noir. There are four boxed gardens packed with fresh herbs like mint, rosemary and basil mixed in with fresh flowers. Thier aroma is euphoric. During the mixology demonstration Grey Goose’s David Kaplan taught us how to create summer soiree cocktails incorporating herbs from our boxed gardens along with fresh lemons, limes and sparkling water.

The evening culminated with an acoustic performance by Capitol Records recording artists Parade of Lights. They played their top hits We’re the Kids and Golden with the sun setting in the horizon as impromptu background visuals. Take notes from Grey Goose. This could perhaps be that end of summer get together you’ve been dying to plan but had no idea where to start. Find your favorite flavor, try out the recipes and invite your friends over for some cool, relaxing end of summer fun.


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“Grey Goose hosts the Final Summer Soiree with a Performance from Capitol Record’s Parade of Lights”

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