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GQ​ ​Celebrated the 2017 Men of the Year at Chateau Marmont with Cover Star Gal Gadot

GQ’s editor-in-chief Jim Nelson hosted the annual “Men of the Year” Party, celebrating this year’s distinguished honorees featured in the December issue with cover star Gal Gadot in attendance. Other celebrities gracing this year’s cover who did not make to the party included: Stephen Colbert, Colin Kaepernick, and Kevin Durant. The Chateau Marmont has seen it all when it comes to big-name celebrities. Since the Chateau is a more exclusive, smaller venue, we are pretty impressed on how many A-listers it managed to pack in for the 2017 GQ “Men of the Year” Party. Attendees included some of this year’s most notable names in the entertainment industry: Kate ​Beckinsale, Dave Chapelle, Terry​ ​Crews, Snoop​ ​Dogg, Megan​ ​Fox, Gal​ ​Gadot, Lucky Blue Smith, Wiz Khalifa, John​ ​Legend, and Emily​ ​Ratajkowski to name a few.

Photo By: Getty Images for GQ

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