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#FeedTheSweeb New Social Network Launches in LA

Sweeble is the newest social network to sweep across the digital population. On Thursday, June 11 the Sweeble app launched with a celebration amongst the top tech savvy consumers at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Walking into the event everyone seemed to have the same curiosity as to what exactly Sweeble was. All we knew was that the distinguishable blue jellyfish was oddly intriguing and admittedly pretty cool. Equipped with an open mind we ventured inside where red carpets, an open bar and pre-packaged Jello shots were waiting to unroll the mystique behind social media’s next craze.

If you haven’t downloaded the Sweeble app , go ahead and do that right now. This was a firm request well dressed concierge men made of everyone upon entry to the party. If you get the app now you have a solid chance of securing whatever name you want. I was a little too excited to be able to lock in the simple username “Marissa.” Once you’re registered you will see that the interface is extremely attractive. Almost as if Snapchat and Instagram had a lovechild, it would almost certainly look and feel a lot like Sweeble. The biggest difference however is that Sweeble “likes” are based on the amount of time a person holds down “like” on your post. In addition to your profile displaying who you are following and who is following you, it also displays the total time “liked” across all your posts.

Inside of the launch party there were plenty of #Sweeble worthy moments. A lifesize carved ice statue emulating the Sweeble jellyfish logo was waiting at the door for everyone to take photos with. The bar is a pretty large space and lent enough room for sponsors DK Donuts and Free Range LA to mingle with the crowd and serve their respective treats. Free Range LA couldn’t keep the platters full for more than two minutes tops. The mini fried chicken sandwiches and fresh bruschetta samplers were far too good to be frugal with. DK Donuts was absolutely irresistible passing out their custom creations like glazed donuts topped with lucky charms and rice krispy treats.

However the DJ was the real star of the party. Cranking out plenty of the hits from the 99 and the early 2000. Considering the generation in attendance, the music curation was a sweet reminder of the good times we lived. It kept the energy high and the social media vibes alive. The Sweeble app is available for download now with a growing user database. The key is to post content that makes people want to stop and admire or continuously come back to. Get the app now and start sharing your own Sweeble worthy moments. #FeedTheSweeb

Photo By: Eric Reid/Guest of a Guest

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