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Our Favorite LA Events: The Week Of September 26th – October 1st featuring Beyond Fest, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Much More!

Hey, we get it – Los Angeles is a big city. Not only are there endless opportunities for coffee stops, beach visits, and celebrity sightings, but the metropolis also boasts an absolutely massive catalogue of events. Even on a daily basis, the list of things to do can certainly seem a little overwhelming at times.

Somewhere, among the hazy smog that engulfs the city, lies a hotbed of culture and entertainment – you just have to sift through the haze to find what’s best. That’s why we over at LA Guestlist have done the work for you and put together the seven hottest, freshest, and most Los Angeles events we could find for you in the week of September 26th – October 1st. Something for you each and every night.

We’ll try not to break your wallet, either.


  • Raiders of the Lost Ark Q&A Screening

We’re all fans of the Spielberg classic, but it’s not often that we get the oppurtunity to go back and experience it under a new lens (pun not intended). This Tuesday, experience the movie that we at this point have all come to know and love, in one of Los Angeles’ landmarks, with an additional Q&A from executive producer Howard Kazanjian to give all sorts of info about the making and legacy of the film since.

The movie kicks off at 8PM, and you can snag tickets here.


  • Short Film Night at El Cid

One of the best parts about living in Los Angeles is that its rife with filmmaking talent. Of course, that does mean having to wade through plenty of nonsensical, poorly made budget films when short film screenings come around, but this night at El Cid is different. You’re seated at a long table, with the rest of the audience, out on El Cid’s outdoor garden patio, watching the selective short films screen among the rest. Servers come by for easy food and drink service. It’s a warm community, that likes to come back each month to see what’s in store. Among this month’s offerings include Wine Guys, one of the winning shorts at this year’s 48 Hour Film Festival.


  • Kali Uchis at Fonda Theatre

You’ve either heard her through Tyler, The Creator, Daniel Caesar, or her own explosive solo career with massive songs like ‘Tyrant.’ This Thursday, experience one of two shows that Kali Uchis is playing at the Fonda Theatre. Phony Ppl will be there to open the night up. You can snag tickets here.


  • Van Nuys Arts Festival

Come spend your friday experience all the stellar art the San Fernando Valley area (and beyond!) has to offer with the very first Van Nuys Arts Festival! Among the massive amount of offerings include a silent disco, pop up vinyl shop, zine workshop, classic car exhibition, and that’s not to even mention the massive list of live music, artist displays, food trucks, craft beer, and much more that will be present. If you’re interested in a fun night out, this is definitely going to be your best bet.

The night kicks off at 6 PM, and you can RSVP here (it’s free!).


  • 78/52 – Free Screening!

If you have been living in Los Angeles for a while, and not yet gotten a chance to check out Beyond Fest, now is your opportunity. The festival is one of the weirdest, warmest, and most horrific that the city has to offer, screening some of the best of cult classic, horror, and independent cinema both contemporary and of the past. This Saturday, they will be offering a completely free screening of 78/52, a documentary breaking down the famous shower scene in Pyscho.

Tickets are available first come first serve starting at 6 PM at the Egyptian Theatre’s box office, with the movie beginning at 9:45. 


  • The Rock n’ Roll Flea Market

Experience one of the most unique flea markets that the city has to offer, taking over the historic Regent Theater in DTLA. The market will feature a massive collection of vinyl, antiquities, clothing, instruments, jewelry, music memorabilia and more from collectors and otherwise. Food trucks will be available as well. It opens its doors at 11 AM.


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