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Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Weed Strain For You

We all know how difficult it can be to choose the right strain of weed, but with these helpful tips, you’ll be able to make a better-informed decision. Take these tips into consideration before you go shopping for your next bag of the herb: potency, flavor preference, and desired effects. Also be aware that some strains are more powerful than others, so it’s important to educate yourself about the different types before purchasing them. Let’s explore some of the most important factors for choosing weed, in detail.

The Different Weed Strains Out There

Before you can make a more informed decision about the weed you want, it’s important to know that there are many strains available. Sativa is known for being energizing and uplifting while Indica strains have a more calming effect. You can learn more at about the best weed strains for to try. You’ll also see hybrids of Indica and Sativa types, with different effects and flavors. Also, be aware that Sativa-dominant strains may cause you to feel a little jittery at high doses so use caution when consuming them if this isn’t what you’re used to or if your body doesn’t react well to overly stimulating feelings.

Cannabis Substances

These three cannabis substances get bad reputations from their generic classification but they do have very unique properties on their own:

– Marijuana: A most popular choice for recreational use, this strain has high levels of THC and is known for giving users feelings of happiness, sleepiness, intense munchies (the intense urge to eat), and/or increased creativity.

– Hashish: This resinous substance is created by collecting the resin from cannabis flowers then compressing them into blocks or bricks. It’s known for having very powerful effects that include reduced anxiety, sedative effects, relaxation, sleepiness, creativity, euphoria, and quick relief for some physical pain.

– Cannabis Oil: This highly concentrated oil can be made by extracting cannabinoids with a solvent like grain alcohol or CO2. The result is an amber-colored liquid that contains incredibly potent cannabinoid properties. Oils are used mainly in vaporizers and come with their unique effects.

Popular Strains

Now that you know the difference between these three substances, here is a list of some of the most popular strains and their specific effects:

– White Widow (Indica): A very powerful strain known for its sedative properties which make it perfect for nighttime use. It delivers feelings of happiness, euphoria, sleepiness, and hunger (among many other desired effects) to those who consume it.

– Chocolope (Sativa): Users report feeling happy, uplifted, energetic, creative, focused, and social when smoking this strain. It gives users an almost psychedelic high because it contains high levels of THCV.

– Sour Diesel (Sativa): One of the most popular strains out there due to its dreamy effects and incredible taste. It’s known for making users feel happy, uplifted, focused, creative, energized, and/or social.

– Purple Kush (Indica): This potent strain has a rich earthy scent upon smelling it and is known for its sedative properties that make it great for nighttime use. Users report feeling relaxed, euphoric at high doses, sleepiness, or couch-lock from using this strain too heavily.

– Strawberry Cough (Sativa): Strawberry Cough delivers a strong energetic buzz that will leave your head clear with thoughts flowing freely. It’s also been known to help those suffering from depression as well as physical pain.

Choosing Depending On Your Lifestyle

Now that you know the types of strains and their effects on the body and mind, it’s time to consider what kind of lifestyle you lead. If you’re constantly on the go and desire a clear head without the drowsy side effects, then Sativa-dominant strains may be your best bet. If sedation is more necessary or desired, Indica-dominant hybrids or straight Indicas such as Kush strains are best for this purpose.

Consider How Often You’ll Be Smoking Weed

If you’re an occasional user, then it wouldn’t be wise to invest in a high-quality full ounce of your favorite strain. Instead, opt for the more budget-friendly quarter ounces or eighths that are great for sampling many different strains without breaking the bank. If you plan on using cannabis daily, then buying an ounce is probably your best option because it will save money in the long run when compared to purchasing multiple quarters or eighths each week.

Regardless of how often you choose to use marijuana, make sure to do some research before hitting up any dispensaries or delivery services. Knowing what kind of strain and how much you want to spend beforehand will help eliminate unneeded stress and confusion when buying. Also, don’t ever feel embarrassed or ashamed about asking the budtender questions. After all, they want you to be satisfied with their products and return as a customer.


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