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Essential Safety and Road Rules Every Motorist Should Know by Heart

It is a fact that riding motorcycles is fun and cool. Motorbikes are also fuel-efficient and therefore riders can save on money than they would if they were driving a car. However, motorcycles also come with a higher safety risk than cars and when motorcycle accidents occur, the rider can sustain severe injuries. Experts state that the risk of an accident being fatal is 30% more when it involves a motorcycle than in car accidents.

Such statistics should prompt every motorist to be extra careful while riding on the roads to avoid accidents. Some motorists have been riding motorcycles for a very long time and they have not been in a single accident. They have been able to do this because they have been careful while on the roads. You also have a chance to make a difference as a motorist by staying safe while on the roads. This article will take you through some tips that can help you to ride your bike safely and stay clear of accidents.

1. Always Gear Up

While some motorists wear their gears to look cool and identify with the biking culture, this is not the reason why you need to gear up. Wearing the proper gear when riding a motorcycle is meant to protect you from injuries in case you are involved in an accident. Regular T-shirts and jeans will not protect you when you get in an accident. Some of the attires that can help you when you are involved in an accident include leather jackets that are reinforced, boots, and heavy pants.

You should always wear a helmet when riding your bike because it will prevent a head injury in case of injury. In Texas, it is not mandatory for everyone to wear a helmet according to the Texas motorcycle helmet laws, however, it is important to know how important helmets are in ensuring your safety on the road before you decide to ride without wearing one. You should also invest in goggles to cover your eyes if your helmet is open and get some gloves for your hands.

2. Inspect Your Bike Before Riding it

Inspecting your bike before riding it will help you to identify potential problems that can increase your risk of getting an accident. Things that you should check out before hitting the road include the pressure in your tires, the mirrors, and lights. You should also watch out for any loose bolts or leaks from your bike. Ensure that any problem is fixed before you ride your bike. It is also important to get your bike regular maintenance to change the oil, chain, brake pads, and even tires.

3. Watch the Road

Another safety tip that every motorist should observe is watching the road that you are riding on. Ensure that you pay close attention to the curves and corners and areas with bad roads because these are danger zones where you can get into a motorcycle accident if you are not careful. You should also be careful when crossing white lines at the stoplights and points with railroad tracks because they can be slippery.

4. Take Note of the Weather Condition

Bad weather like wet roads and roads covered with ice increase the risk of getting into bike accidents because bikes are not as stable as cars and they do not have a windshield to protect the rider. During bad weather, your visibility will be reduced and you will also be uncovered during this bad weather and this can increase your risk of getting in an accident. You should therefore know the weather forecast of the area that you will be riding in to avoid getting into an accident.

5. Take a Safety Course

When you take a safety course, you will learn the rules that you need to follow as a motorist. You will also be taught how to react to unexpected events that may occur while you are on the road. Good judgment and riding skills are other benefits that you can get when you take a safety course.

6. Follow Traffic Rules

Before going on a ride with your bike, familiarize yourself with the traffic rules of the places that you will be passing through. Know the speed limit in these areas. Riding your motorcycle at very high speeds is one of the factors that can put you at risk of getting in an accident. You should also obey stoplights and respect other motorists on the road. Use your mirrors to watch what is happening on the road. It is also important for you to keep a safe distance between you and other motorists to avoid bumping into them.

In summary, riding motorcycles is a fun activity but one that also carries high risks like getting into dangerous accidents. However, you can stay clear of these accidents by being careful on the roads. Some of how you can stay safe while riding your motorcycle include wearing the appropriate gear, watching the road, knowing the weather forecast, and obeying traffic rules.


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