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Essential Equipment You Need to Bring in Every Camping Trip

With the global pandemic currently sweeping the world, many people are seeking new and exciting ways to safely enjoy time with family, and escaping the feelings of despair that come with being in your house 24/7.

Camping can be a great way to safely enjoy some time away from home while following the rules of social distancing- one of the best parts about camping is it is meant to get you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Unplugging and exploring nature is a great way to reset and recharge, especially during these difficult times with the pandemic. However, always be prepared when stepping off the beaten path by ensuring you have these essential items packed and ready to go!


Having an appropriate shelter is the most important part of camping. Choosing a tent that is appropriate for your climate and location, as well as one that is easy to assemble with limited tools is a must.

There are a plethora of tents available, from pop up to inflatables, to house like nature retreats, choosing your tent can be the difference between enjoying your trip or ending it soggy and unsatisfied.


Camping generators are a great accessory for longer camping trips. You may be a movie buff or have children that want to bring their tablets with them.

Generators are a way of escaping urbanites while maintaining your connections. They can also be lifesaving, should you run into issues and need to contact someone for help, having a generator can ensure your phones stay charged and ready to reach out when necessary.

Along with your shelter, ensuring you have the right sleeping bag or bedding materials to go with it is great. Choosing a raised bed, or thermal waterproof sleeping bag can help you avoid soggy mornings waking up soaked with condensation from the tent.

GPS System

While you may not be venturing too far off the beaten path, a GPS can be an invaluable tool for camping and hiking excursions.

While most people think of camping in specified campgrounds, it is also possible to camp further into the bush, but this can also increase the chances of losing your way. Avoid unnecessary instances of this by ensuring you have a GPS device with you to plot your path back to civilization and help you to explore while staying safe.


High-quality coolers are a must for camping, especially when going for longer than a day or two. You may be venturing off for a week, and ensuring your food will keep is an absolute must.

Coolers come in a variety of price and quality ranges. You can find a great cooler to meet your needs that won’t break your bank, but it is not an item you want to go bottom of the line on. You need to ensure your food stores won’t spoil, and also that your supply of camping drinks stays cool and refreshing!

Camp Stove

A great item to bring on your camping trip is a propane-powered camp stove. These can make your camp food taste like a gourmet. While it is possible to cook your food on a campfire, as quite a few people choose to do, a camp stove can help you to conveniently cook multiple items, while using the fire for more important things, like roasting marshmallows!

Camp stoves are a bit easier and more even to cook with, and can help avoid burning food if you aren’t accustomed to cooking over an open flame.

Portable Toilets

While these might not seem essential, they are a great item to have as not all people can comfortably find a tree to do their business. These toilets can come in a variety of styles, from just a seat in a bucket, to fully enclosed systems that resemble RV toilets.

If you are an outdoors person but the family is not, these items are a great way to bridge the gap and get your family to enjoy the outdoors while keeping a small piece of comfort with you.

There are many more items to consider when planning your next camping excursion, from proper sleeping bags to appropriate clothing, a camping trip is great fun but requires a bit of planning. Researching the terrain and climate of your chosen camping area is a must. Once you know where you’re going, choosing and packing your equipment can be quick and easy.

By packing the correct items for your specific needs you can ensure a successful camping trip that you will remember for years to come.


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