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Dumbbell Lunges To Strengthen and Tone Your Thighs

Dumbbell lunges are considered one of the best exercises for strengthening and shaping the upper leg muscles. Well, if you want to tone your thighs in a more effective way, don’t think too much – lunges with weights are the perfect exercise for you and your legs. This great weight training exercise can really make your thighs stronger, longer and leaner as soon as possible, but it requires a good balance. So be very careful and if you have balance problems, you should start off doing this upper-leg-exercise without dumbbells and gradually develop your balance for this exercise with weights. This will help you prevent injury when adding weights.

Starting Position:

After choosing the right dumbbells (it’s better to start with lighter dumbbells!), stand up with your legs in a long stride position holding a dumbbell in each hand by your sides. Your palms should face your upper legs. Moreover, be attentive and have your feet a little less than shoulder-width apart. Don`t forget to lift your chest forwards and keep your shoulders back and down.


Take the right foot forward while keeping the left one planted firmly in its place.

Lower your upper body down until your heel touches the ground and your left leg becomes bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep the torso upright and maintain the balance. Besides, inhale when going down.

Then push up and step back to the starting position, using mainly the heel of your foot. Exhale as you go up. Change the leg and continue your training.

Perform at least 2 – 3 sets of 30 lunges (15 lunges on each leg per set).

Weight Lunge Variations:

Lunges can be done with or without weights in case of balance problems. But if you haven’t any issues keeping balance you can perform not only dumbbell lunges but also different dumbbell lunge variations that allow to master the basics of lunges and achieve your fitness goal as well as more impressive-looking thighs much faster. You can increase the difficulty by adding some weight into the equation or by doing this exercise, holding the dumbbells at the front of the shoulders.

Benefits of Weight Lunges:

Dumbbell lunges have a lot of benefits for women. This compound exercise works multiple muscle groups simultaneously: the quadriceps (front of thighs), hamstrings (back of thighs), gluteal muscles calve and deep abdominal muscles Lunges with weights are the ideal exercise because they’re easy to do, don’t demand any extra equipment and can be performed at home without any preparation.

Written by Helen Rogers

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