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DIY vs. Professional – Who Should Design Your Home?

Our homes are where we will spend most of our lives, where our children will grow, and where we will make memories that last a lifetime. The question of whom should design your home is a difficult one to answer, as there are many factors that must be considered for each situation. This page will answer the question as best as it can be answered and hope to offer positives and negatives for both DIY projects and having interior designers redecorate your home. Redesigning the interior of your home can be a very costly process, and very time-consuming. You may also have to go and live somewhere else while the redesign process is undertaken, which means that you must arrange for other accommodation.

So, DIY or professional? How should you have your home re-designed? Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you make that decision.

Interior Designers

If you have previously struggled to find a comprehensive list of both advantages and disadvantages, then look no further than here. Hopefully, by deciding to visit this website, your question will now be answered, and you will be able to make a rational and informed decision. Interior designers are the most popular avenue of home re-design that can be pursued; the interior design process is certainly made so much easier with the help of a professional and experienced interior designer, but they can come with their disadvantages too.


A disadvantage is that interior designers can cost a lot of money to contract. They often charge astronomically for their daily fees and will charge huge amounts for sourcing materials and furniture. The cost of an interior designer is certainly not something most people can afford, and for that reason, it is a disadvantage to many.


An advantage of interior designers is that they are extremely creative and can come up with ideas for your home you may not have previously thought of. Interior designers will often have many, many years of experience in designing homes, and will be well equipped to handle the design process of your home; they will be able to determine what will go and what will not and will be able to accentuate features of your home you did not realize could be accentuated.

Rare Furniture

Another advantage of an interior designer is that they can source rare and unique furniture. Interior designers will have a phonebook full of furniture manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, and will be able to provide your home with one-off and custom-made pieces of furniture. This is perhaps one of the most popular reasons people contact and employ interior designers; the point was mentioned briefly in the first disadvantage. The downside to this is that the furniture can cost a lot of money. Even so, notwithstanding the cost, the unique and trendy furniture provided is certain to give your home an awesome vibe and is something that, if you can afford, you should certainly pursue.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Redecorating your home yourself can definitely be a fun and wholesome project for you and your family. When embarking on a home renovation project, however, you must make sure that you are not biting off more than you can chew. Many families decide to redecorate their homes, only to find out it is far too much work and have to employ contractors to finish it for them. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to deciding to do it yourself.

Lower Cost

Redecorating your home yourself is far cheaper than employing an interior designer to do it for you. You can source cheap materials and put them together for a far lower cost than it would be if an interior designer were directing a team of contractors. You can seriously reduce your overheads by doing it yourself.

Too Much Work

As mentioned previously, a lot of home design projects can be far too much work for a family to do themselves. If you are confident you can do it, then, by all means, go ahead, but it can take up a lot of time, and if you have other commitments, it is simply inconvenient and impossible.

Basic Furniture

If you are designing your own home, you may not be able to get unique furniture as an interior designer would. You will be restricted to department stores and home supply stores. However, basic store-bought furniture in your home can still be cool, providing you with decorating your home effectively. There are some websites that provide unique pieces of furniture, and if you have the money, you could consult them to see what you can find.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of having your home decorated by you and your family, or a professional. Choose wisely, as a poorly made decision can impact your family massively.


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