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Different Types of Coffee Makers

Coffee has become a staple in beverage consumption, with many different variations and flavors to explore. So many different people enjoy it, but frequently are spending money having to constantly buy it from coffee shops. For those that want to be able to have shop quality coffee from home, having the right machine is important. Here are some different coffee makers to consider if you are looking into adding one in your kitchen.

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers are a more common form of machine that most people will be familiar with. Some coffee makers will have different features and capabilities, but these types of coffee machines will generally have the same drip function when it comes to making your coffee. You will add water into a tank above the machine, while you put your ground coffee in a compartment beneath it with a filter. The tank above the coffee grounds will heat up and slowly drip through to where the coffee sits and eventually down to your glass jug or pitcher, which will be kept warm by a hot plate. Other machines may have different options, but the process is the same. This is an essential machine for any home with multiple coffee drinkers, as well as great for the office and other communal spaces.

Capsule Coffee Maker

Capsule coffee makers take the efficiency and ease of a drip coffee maker and provide you even more convenience. These machines utilize the drip process, but apply it to single servings with pods of the flavor of coffee you desire. Instead of dripping into a carafe or coffee pot, it drips straight into your cup. This makes cleaning up easy and ensures that you aren’t making a pot full of coffee without anyone wanting it. It also allows for people who prefer different roasts to get the coffee they want. Capsule coffee makers will be more expensive, but you are paying for the convenience and flexibility offered, which for many coffee enthusiasts is worth the price.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour over coffee is a process that is more involved than drip or even french press coffee makers, but provides a richer more flavorful coffee. With this method, you will need a pour over coffee maker, which is sometimes referred to as a Chemex coffee maker as well. You will recognize these makers by their unique hourglass shape which is crucial for the process. You will utilize a filter that sits on the upper portion. This can be either a paper filter or a reusable metal one that either comes with your coffee maker or purchased separately. With your grounds in the filter, you will pour hot water over them, once to release the flavors in what is called a bloom, and a second time to collect the rest of the flavor and fill out your cup of coffee.

French Press

A french press is a simple coffee maker that allows you to control the flavor and strength of your coffee by how long you steep your grounds. In the glass carafe designed for the french press, you will simply combine your choice of coffee grounds along with boiling water, top it with the lid, and leave it for however long you will. The longer you steep your coffee, the stronger it will be. Once you are satisfied, you will strain your coffee, pushing down on the plunger atop your maker to filter and separate the grounds. There is something special about the minimalism of a french press, in that it provides a rich cup of coffee in such a simple design. This is perfect for the kitchen of any beginner coffee drinker.


If you enjoy the process of a french pressed coffee, giving you a flavorful and quick cup of coffee, but do not need to make more than one cup of coffee at a time, Aeropress coffee provides you the experience that comes with the french press but in a much more simplified manner. These presses provide you with one serving of coffee directly filtered into your cup. The added benefit of using these presses is their compact size, perfect for small storage spaces and portability, as well as being easy to clean. This makes it ideal for smaller homes and for those that maybe either live alone or are the only ones that enjoy coffee in their shared spaces.

Sometimes, you just want a good cup of coffee, and don’t want to take the time, or even spend the money to go to your nearest coffee shop. The good news is that you can make just as rich and flavorful cups of coffee from your own home, and there are many types of machines that fit your needs.

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  • All great options to have when it comes to making coffee at home! I recently got a cold brew maker for my birthday and it’s been a life-saver when working from home and needing that pick-me-up.

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