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Darren Criss Sports New Look at the Launch of Onekind Skincare

Darren Criss launched his skincare line Onekind, the new, inclusive and shockingly affordable skincare he has co-created with his longtime business partners Matthew and Madison Ruggieri at Heyday in Los Angeles. Onekind launches online and at all Heyday locations on October 1st and is rewriting the rules of skincare – particularly when it comes to traditional skincare pricing. Onekind is the brainchild of brother-sister duo Matthew and Madison Ruggieri who – along with their business partner, actor Darren Criss – have been players in the men’s grooming category for close to a decade. Now they have taken all they know about fair pricing and top-shelf ingredients to create this clean, accessible new brand which is “Every bit as luxe as le crème, but at a much fairer price.” Onekind was originally designed to tackle the pink tax (products marketed at women are priced much higher than similar formulations aimed at men) but Onekind is unisex – ingredients are ingredients/skin is skin after all – and Darren uses the products every night in his skincare routine.


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