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Cinespia’s Cemetery Screenings Are CemeVERY Worth Your Time

Let’s face it – movies have become one of the cornerstones of American society. Especially in a city like Los Angeles, film is one of the factors that connect us through a thread. Watching a movie at home is fun. Going to see a movie projected in a theatre is an upgrade. However, seeing a movie projected at night in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, surrounded by a crowd of people is a completely different experience. One of Los Angeles’ most highly regarded attractions is Cinespia’s movie nights at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, a summer-long outdoor movie event that takes place every Saturday. This past weekend’s selection was Boogie Nights, Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 classic starring Mark Wahlberg.

Upon immediate entry to the event, the first noticeable aspect is the pure size and scale of the cemetery itself, palm trees lining the walkways down to where the screening is held. A nice stroll under the changing colors of the sky leads you across the to a comfortably large field of grass, where lawn chairs and spots to set blankets are available. Drinks are also available. In order to assist the mood of the evening, guests dressed in theme with the film. Bell-bottom jeans and slicked back hair was extremely prevalent – all with a colorful glow. Dressing in theme is encouraged at these events, but not required. Next to the seating area, a photo stop was available, in order for guests to take VIP pictures of their experience.

After the introduction, once the sky is dark, the movie begins. Overall, it is a spectacular time spent watching a film with a crowd of people outdoors – especially full of fans of the film. The one certainty of the night (besides the obvious quality of the film) is that there isn’t a single person in attendance that wasn’t completely enthralled in the experience. For a Saturday night out in Los Angeles, it doesn’t get much better than this. Don’t miss Cinepsia’s screenings this Memorial Day Weekend of North by Northwest on Saturday the 27th, and Clueless on Sunday the 28th.


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