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Chill the F*** Out with Botanika Life CBD

Drop what you’re doing and chill the f*** out with Botanika Life: the new line of CBD products that’ll take your wellness routine from “meh” to “oh meh goodness!”

And I’m not overhyping it. In fact, I’m writing this article in a particularly relaxed state of mind — AKA I’ve just had a few sprays of their CBD in addition to some CBD Oil in my coffee this morning — so I’m pretty level headed. I’m just eager to talk about this stuff because believe me, it’s just that good.

I personally discovered CBD about a year ago and only wish I’d found it earlier. Though it’s been around for years, the stigma around marijuana products has stunted the general public from learning about it’s many natural healing qualities. Botanika Life is on a mission to change that and finally give CBD the recognition it deserves.

But before we get into just how they’re doing that, I’m sure there are some CBD virgins wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Let me explain exactly what it is that you’re missing out on…

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a naturally occurring constituent of industrial hemp and marijuana, which are collectively called cannabis. It’s 1 of at least 85 cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis and is popular for its medicinal benefits.

Like what?

Anxiety, nausea, cancer, anti-inflammation, and to promote sleep. If you take it topically, it can also help with dermal pain, muscle pain, tension, arthritis and muscle spasms.

CBD is nature’s solution to treating physical and mental ailments, naturally and holistically.

Do you get high?

No. Being uniquely THC-free, Botanika Life focuses on the healing aspects that CBD oil provides — not the psychoactive effects that full THC Cannabis is known for.

Let’s stop for a quick side-story about that: before discovering Botanika Life, I’d been on the market for some quality, THC-free CBD. After a brand was recommended to me by what turned out to be a not-so-knowledgeable store employee, I was accidentally given a 1:1 / CBD:THC product… meaning I accidentally self-administered a dose of THC and had to painstakingly piece it together hours later when I wondered “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!”

Never again my friends. That’s why I highly advise going for a THC-free product like Botanika Life. They use only pure CBD Isolate (which also has the highest content of CBD – more so than the full spectrum of CBD oil). And it leaves no room for error.

So how do you take CBD?

Ah, now for the good stuff! One of my favorite things about this brand in particular is the many ways you can enjoy CBD: from oils to topicals to oral sprays and even gummies, everything is uniquely easy to transport and measure.

I’ve listed a few of my preferred products below:

CBD Oral Spray (500mg // $54.95): original CBD oil with a pump applicator (my favorite!) There’s no chance for a spill and it’s easy to share with your curious friends. And there will be curious friends.

CBD Sleep Spray (100mg of CBD // $34.50): This is the CBD of your dreams, literally! The CBD + Melatonin combo is the answer to every restless night. As long as you are not taking it on a full stomach, it works within 30 minutes. I personally took it on an empty stomach and knocked out in 15.

CBD Oil Tincture (500mg // $79.95): Experience full body relief with this daily CBD oil made from the nest virgin hemp, and mixed with MCT oil which gives it a smooth and natural taste. I put this in my coffee each morning for a mellow day (without feeling tired or groggy).

CBD Pain Roll-On (100mg // $34.95): Small, effective and discrete. This roll-on is mixed with DMSO to penetrate right to the source of the problem. It’s got a minty kick and I love it.

CBD Pain Lotion (150mg // $44.95): mixed with Aloe and Arnica, this CBD lotion is great for all over relief from aches, pains and muscle tension. Fun fact: I shared some of this with my dentist who loves using it on his joints!

Vitamin B12 Spray: It’s a delicious daily dose of energy with the same nanotechnology used in their CBD sprays! B12 also helps with focus, speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss. Yes, please.

Recover Spray AKA Hangover Eraser ($24.95): Fix that pounding in your head and pain behind your eyes. This doesn’t have CBD in it (nor is it my favorite flavor) but it DOES work! I took it to Burning Man with me to share… and it was the life of the party! Definitely a festival essential.

So how long does this stuff take to work?

The topicals should kick in within minutes.The tinctures start to work within an hour or so, but to really feel their effects you should use them every day.

Every day?

Think of it this way: CBD is like a vitamin – the more you take it, the more effective it is. Just like taking Vitamin C over time will improve your immunity, taking CBD daily will increase its effectiveness as it’s stored in your fat and released slowly.

How much can you take?

The suggested use is on the back of each product. Take either “as needed” or “up to 8 sprays of each product per day.” You can combine any and all products as you like.

The bottom line:

I’m CBD’s biggest fan and so excited that Botanika Life has finally made it accessible for all. Whether you take it to work, after a party, before a presentation, to help you with meditation, or every day in any way, I hope you give Botanika Life CBD a try.


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