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Channing Tatum Dancing on The Magic Mike XXL was the Highlight of Pride 2015

Movies have been coming up with some great marketing strategies these days. Who can forget when Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walking down the runaway at Paris Fashion Week and surprised everyone, which got Zoolander 2 a worldwide hype. Well, the Magic Mike XXL crew managed to pull of an entertaining way for fans to get excited about the movie to be released on July 1st. Channing Tatum and Matt Boomer amongst others from the cast got a float across Santa Monica Blvd for Magic Mike XXL on June 14th, 2015 at the LA Pride Parade where hundreds of thousands of attendees got the suprise of their life. Let’s just say that these boys have some great dance moves and it definitely got everyone excited for Magic Mike XXL, and made us love Channing Tatum even more than we already did.

Photo By: Jeffrey Bertollini

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