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The Casper Nap Tour Is Coming to Los Angeles for Some Much Needed Sleep

Casper is putting a nap on wheels and bringing it to a city near you. The Casper Nap Tour is coming to six cities, giving people the opportunity to try the Casper mattress, sheets, and pillow, take a snooze, and see what Casper is all about. Casper’s napmobile contains four nap pods where visitors can listen to a bedtime story, nod off, and experience Casper from the comfort of their own hometown. The Nap Tour will stop in Los Angeles from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily between Feburary 25th to the 28th.
To reserve a nap, Click HERE.

Why is napping important?
We’ve heard time and time again that we need 8 hours of sleep to function properly, but with so much to do and so little time, devoting 8 hours to sleep can seem nearly impossible. 14% of L.A. respondents told Casper that they’d trade some paid vacation days to be able to take workday naps. Casper’s Nap Tour gives people the opportunity to get away from the hustle, take a midday nap, and see what Casper is all about.

Nap Tour Stops*
San Francisco (Feb. 4 – 6)
Portland (Feb. 11 – 14)
San Francisco (Feb. 19 – 21)
Los Angeles (Feb. 25 – 28)
Phoenix (March 3, 5 – 6)
Austin (March 12 – 20)
Houston (March 25 – 27)


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