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Casper Kicks Off an Event Filled Summer With the Opening of the Casper House on Abbot Kinney

The Casper House hosted an exclusive bash June 9th to celebrate the opening of its summerhouse on Abbot Kinney. The night was lit blue to showcase the sleep brands award winning sleep surface. Casper partnered with illustrator, Jefferson Cheng to create the experience and décor of the house. Everything from the walls to décor including tables and chairs is illustrated making it appear as if you’re entering into a Casper coloring book. “We created an illustrated representation of a home for people to come in and see the look and feel in a whimsical space,” says James Heslop, Experiential Marketing Manager for Casper. Guests were entertained with performances by Travis Mills, Kiana Lede and DJ Bobby French, a rooftop candy bar, a photo booth, and great times. Some say that the best place to try a mattress is in the comfort of your own home, but the Casper Summer House has got to be the next best thing. With a summer full of free events, The Casper House is open to the public June 6th to early Fall. They only have one house rule: Kick back and relax.

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