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A Case For Places: Sip your Fresh Brewed Coffee while Looking through Antiques at Marie et Cie

Here at LA Guestlist, we’re not kidding when we say that we’re sourcing LA’s culture. We’re constantly on the search for new locations and offerings from the great city of Los Angeles, whose endless, nonsensical landscape presents a never-ending whirlwind of spots to claim you found all on your own. It’s okay, we know what’s up. We’re here to help you live out your pseudo-hipster wannabe fantasy. We won’t tell anyone.

Since we’re in a position to promote some of the best that Los Angeles has to offer, we decided to start a series on some of our favorite places. Some are quiet, some are crowded, and some a little out of the way – but what’s a good spot in LA without at least twenty minutes of traffic?

Which brings us to our first pick, to kick off this soon-to-be nationally beloved series. Imagine a place that serves fantastic coffee and tea, sells antiques, and offers outdoor couch seating? A place like that in the mean city of Los Angeles can’t exist right? Enter Marie et Cie.

Upon first entry, you will notice the homey-setup this French cafe in the San Fernando Valley has to offer. Antique furniture and miscellaneous objects cover the front entrance, with Instagram friendly string lighting at night, up until their typical closing time of 9 PM (8 on Sundays). However, if you find the courage to make it past this perfectly welcoming entryway (A rare find for Los Angeles, we know), you’ll end up in one of the best

Marie et Cie claims itself to be a French cafe, with drinks offered here occasionally offering a traditional spin. The baristas behind the counter really know what they’re doing too, whipping up one of the best Chai Latte’s I’ve been able to find in this whole city – along with an extensive selection of food and dessert treats. They don’t skimp on the choices either, possibilities ranging from pasta, to specially made tarts, to gluten free brownies. They even have a high quality selection of gelato at the end of the counter, which I couldn’t resist finishing faster than I’d care to admit.

Attached to the hip of this cafe, with an entrance right next to the gelato selection, is a gift/antique shop, with specially-crafted furniture, books, candles, and plenty more. There’s even another seating area, with one important rule – no electronics. I found myself very enthralled in the quiet, inviting atmosphere that this space set up. I couldn’t resist buying some incests from them as well.

However, past the high quality of food and drink, the wide selection of artisan shopping to get lost in, and the friendly employees, the main draw for me is the seating, which as I touched on before, is very welcoming. Out front, couches with tables and comfy outdoor patio tables curl around the walls in an L formation. Everyone is inviting, with a quiet but friendly atmosphere, usually full of a crowd clacking away, reading, or just enjoying the space. The patio is one of the only in the city to allow smoking out front, many guests taking that offer up.

On the left side of the building from the main entrance, offers an entirely separate and secluded patio area, though this is more enclosed with a standard casing. Plants and vines take up plenty of space on the walls, though the area also includes massive, often open window views to watch passerby’s, and the admittedly calm traffic flow. Both spots are equally calm and inviting – though this side will not have anyone smoking, if you’re looking to avoid that.

Next time you’re looking for a good date spot (either with a loved one or yourself), somewhere to work, or even just somewhere to exist for a couple hours, look no further than Marie et Cie, located at 11704 Riverside Dr, Valley Village, CA 91607. Come get a cup of coffee or tea, get lost in the beautifully handmade antiques and crafts, and get comfortable. This little spot up in the valley is absolutely one the best spots LA has to offer.

We have not been paid to promote Marie et Cie and we are not affiliated with them in any way. We just like them a bunch.

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Photo By: Marie et Cies' Facebook Page

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