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BoxUnion Trainer Kyle Shneider Explains how Boxing will Boost your Confidence

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Kyle, I was born and raised in New York, NY. After initially being recruited to play basketball at Tufts University in Boston, I transferred to the University of Michigan eventually graduating with a degree in Movement Science. I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA and peak performance coach that has worked with a variety of clients — from athletes at all levels to models to celebrities to anyone else dedicated to maximizing his or her full potential.

I’m currently a founding coach at the new BoxUnion boxing studio in Santa Monica, CA where I lead a technique-driven, energy-filled class all to old school and new age hip-hop, R&B, and pop music that gets your mind right and body flowing!

2. Describe Boxing in three words?

Ultimate Growth Experience!

3. What got you started into the World of Boxing?

Now at 26 years old, I’m a pretty big guy at 6’3″. But, growing up traveling the country playing AAU basketball as a teenager I was consistently the smallest player on the court. When I was 14 years old, my father signed me up for my first boxing workout to not only build up my confidence but also my footwork, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. I instantly fell in love with the sport.

4. What are the beneficial physical/mental aspects from the sport of Boxing?

The physical benefits from the sport of boxing are obvious — quickly burn fat and build muscle while drastically improving endurance, energy levels, and internal biochemistry. I’ve been a serious athlete my entire life and no other sport or workout has slimmed me down and leaned me out like boxing has. Not to mention, being in fighting shape is whole other category of physical fitness. Boxing is a sport of nonstop high intensity intervals that involves using your entire body with each movement.

More importantly though, the sport of boxing is a complete cathartic experience. To me, the mental release that comes from punching something, working past the point of physical exhaustion, and constantly breaking through barriers of self-doubt makes it the ideal therapy session. As I mentioned above, boxing is the ultimate growth experience. While on the heavy bag you enter an environment where you are forced to take on some deep introspection. The sense of gratification is unparalleled.

5. What makes BoxUnion different than other boxing studios?

BoxUnion is all about facilitating that ultimate growth experience. You can easily get a great workout at other boxing gyms. However, at BoxUnion we concentrate on the three pillars of boxing: we box to build our fitness, box to build our community, and box to build our greatness. No other studio preaches mindfullness, promotes a sense of togetherness, and offers a challenging a workout using music as a driving factor like we do.

6. What do you recommend focusing on if you are new to this sport?

Physically, I recommend focusing on staying as loose and as comfortable as possible. We think that when we tense up and squeeze our muscles as tight as possible that we’re going to throw our punches harder and faster. It’s actually the opposite. Remaining as fluid as we can allows us to fully turn and generate momentum with each punch and movement.

Mentally, I recommend focusing on celebrating every little accomplishment. Boxing involves a series of movement patterns that will leave you feeling vulnerable at times. I’ve been boxing for 12 years and not a training session goes by where something doesn’t feel new and awkward to me. I choose to embrace that feeling though because with time and persistence it all starts to click. And, once it does, there is no more empowering feeling. At that moment, take a step back to appreciate what it took to get you that point — it will provide the fuel to keep pushing you forward!

7. What is your class schedule (to let our viewers know)?

Tuesday @ 8:00pm — HIP HOP SIGNATURE CLASS
Wednesday @ 6:45pm
Thursday @ 8:00pm
Sunday @ 9:00am


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