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Bhansali Jewelry Party at Diptyque Beverly Hills with some Amazing Pieces for Any Occasion

Bhansali finds the perfect balance between heritage and innovation, elegance and effortless charm. To celebrate their new amazing collection, founder Anar Bhansali held a private event at Diptyque in Beverly Hills. Bhansali is becoming synonymous with effortless luxury, with products that are equally unique and practical. Anar Bhansali focuses her design work on the concept of wearable luxury. Her latest collection, Bhansali One, is meant as the world’s first Little Black Dress of jewelry. “I wanted to create pieces that could easily be worn throughout the day. Bhansali One is equally ideal for a casual outing with friends, a professional meeting for work and for an elegant evening” said Anar. Influencers including MaryCake, Tania_Sarin, DevonRachel, TimBryan and JessicaLesaca attended this intimate event, which was filled with instagramable moments and Ditpyque goodies.


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