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Are You A Chocolate Lover? Here Are Some Amazing Types Of Chocolate For You To Try

A piece of chocolate can instantly cheer you up by releasing endorphins and taking you back to memory lane. Whether it’s a dessert, a cold beverage, or a big box of truffles, both children and adults like chocolate in every form. Instead of consuming the usual milk and white chocolate varieties, it is time to explore some lesser-known types that you will surely love. While every kind of chocolate has the main base ingredient, which is cacao, certain processing changes and additions elevate the taste and texture of some varieties. If you are a chocolate lover, you must try the listed chocolate types once in your life.

1. Couverture Chocolate

Typically used in desserts and glazes, couverture chocolate can melt at a lower temperature as compared to other types of chocolates. This is due to its high cacao butter content and resultant texture. Couverture chocolate can be found in the shape of round pebbles and is commonly sold in confectioneries or bakery stores. Another reason why bakers love this chocolate is that it can be tempered easily and produces a glossy finish to make a perfect glaze. While trying it in desserts is ideally recommended by dessert masters, you can also try this chocolate alone. Its sweet taste and rich texture will definitely please your senses.

2. Sweet German Chocolate

As the name suggests, this chocolate was developed by an employee of a chocolate company named Samuel German. It contains a higher proportion of sugar and is ideally used for baking. A mix of flavorings, lecithin, chocolate liquor, and cocoa butter make this version of semi-sweet chocolate that also gives it a silky-smooth texture. The sweetness of this chocolate has inspired a lot of bakers to date who created their own version of desserts. For instance, the traditional version of German Chocolate Cake contains Sweet German chocolate in its layers with pecans and coconut as toppings and additional layers.

3. Belgian Chocolate

Belgium is popular for its rich and decadent chocolate that unites dessert lovers and confectioners. Belgian chocolate, in particular, is sold as pralines, which are hard on the outside and gooey on the inside. As noted by the chocolate specialists at, they are perfectly balanced in taste and melt in your mouth due to their smooth texture. The good thing is, you don’t need to go to Belgium to try the chocolate capital’s decadent treat. Many confectioners and chocolatiers have mastered the art of making Belgian truffles and pralines. Some even import gourmet brands from Belgium that can be found and ordered online.

4. Ruby Chocolate

One of the most expensive types of chocolates available today, Ruby chocolate is commonly known as ‘pink chocolate’ due to its pink hue that comes from ruby cocoa beans. This chocolate is relatively new and gained popularity in the year 2017 when it was first introduced in China. The beans are sourced from Brazil and Ecuador and are extremely rare. Ruby chocolate tastes like berries dipped in white chocolate, which is another reason why it gained rapid popularity. The unique hue and taste make this chocolate one of a kind and should definitely be added to your list.

5. Chocolate Liqueur

If you love chocolate and alcohol, why not mix them together? Chocolate infused with alcohol makes chocolate liqueur and is available in various forms. Typically, pieces of chocolates are shaped as alcohol bottles with a shot of rum or vodka inside. If you want to gift something to a best friend and goof around with them, consider getting a box of chocolate liqueur. Don’t just eat your chocolate, drink it. The hint of sweet cocoa notes paired with the bitter taste of alcohol makes this treat heavenly. Some brands even add coffee to their recipes to elevate the taste.

6. Bitter-sweet Chocolate

Do not confuse it with dark or semi-sweet chocolate. With a range of 35 to 80% cocoa, bitter-sweet chocolate is highly favored by dark chocolate lovers. With a rich taste and deep hue, bitter-sweet chocolate can be mixed in desserts or eaten raw. If you want to give dark chocolate a try but find it too bitter, you can start with bitter-sweet chocolate and steadily develop your taste. Start with a chocolate bar with 50% cocoa and increase the content. Over time, your acquired taste and palate will refuse to have chocolate that contains less than 80% cocoa.

These varieties are some of the lesser-known kinds and should be tried by every chocolate lover. Despite the difference in taste and texture, every type of chocolate will likely please your palate. Most of the varieties are available in local confectioneries and online stores.


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