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After Returning For The Full Dining Experience, We Can Confirm: Black Star Burger is Bomb

When Justin Bieber dropped Changes last month, the LA Guestlist team went over to Black Star Burger to celebrate and we couldn’t decide which one is more fire, the album, or the burger! The party was hosted by Changes producer Poo Bear; Harv and DJ Tay James were there spinning all of the Bieb’s newly released tracks, while we noshed on Black Star sliders and fries and jumped to the other side to check out their fully stocked Birthday Bar. After getting just a taste of the mini burgers, we knew we had to come back and enjoy a FULL meal because those burgers were BOMB, and let’s just say that they did not disappoint the second time around! We went back to Black Star Burger for the full experience: classic burger, fries, and a side of chicken tenders. There’s a great deal of competition, and too many burger spots to choose from on Fairfax AvenueBlack Star succeeds in standing out with their casual party vibes, the black bun, and the recyclable black gloves that come with your food to reduce paper napkin use…and avoid grease getting all over your fingers!  At the same time, they bump the best hip hop music that has you in there doing that yummy yummy dance. 

Photo By: Black Star Burger LA & Rachel Karp

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