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Affordable Yet High On Style Flooring Solutions

The flooring is one of the most crucial parts of building a house. It is one of the largest parts of the house you have to build and it can either provide a great look and feel to the entire home or it can be its undoing. A lot of factors should be considered in choosing a material for the floor. Remember that it would be something you need to constantly clean and some materials are friendlier to cleaning and maintenance more than the others. It should also be able to contain perfectly everything you have to put inside the house so it should be durable and sturdy. Since you cannot proceed to build other parts of the house before you can complete the floor, it should be easy and simple enough to install. And because this calls for a large part, it should not be breaking your bank just to get a decent and stylish flooring. There are some affordable but high on style flooring solutions that you can invest on.

Laminate Flooring

Wood has always been a popular choice for flooring in a lot of homes but the price of wood can be a bit high for a budget-conscious project. When it comes to sustainability, it can also be a bit hurtful to the environment since some of the sources of this material are a result of deforestation. Depending on the kind of wood, the price can be so high depending on the market and its origin. If you want the aesthetics from wood for a lower price, you can instead go for laminated wood. This material simulates a wood or stone flooring and is made from composite wood that has been pressed together at very high temperatures. An image of hardwood is pressed in between and is then covered with laminate. Another advantage of using this aside from being more affordable is the ease of installation that cuts everything in half the time needed for other kinds of materials. The lamination provides resistance from scratches, moisture, and signs of usage thus, it is a durable material as well.

Ceramic Tiles

It’s not the easiest material to install but ceramic tiles are great for making intricate patterns and colorful installations on the floor. There are varied sizes and designs you can choose from so you can explore your creativity in installing this material. People who like to dress their homes in vintage often opt to get classic designs and colors as a way to make a centerpiece or focal point to a specific area in the house. Although you commonly see ceramic tiles in the kitchen or the bathroom, it can be installed in any part of the house. To avoid the tedious process of installing smaller pieces, there are bigger ceramic tiles you can use to save you time. You can expect that this material has a very long life-span. Aside from being inexpensive and durable, they are highly resistant to water and high humidity so you won’t see them degrade over time. When it comes to cleaning, they won’t absorb any spill and anything that lands on them can easily be wiped by a wet cloth or mop. There are ceramic tiles that are on the higher end but there are also those that are friendlier to the pocket, you just have to look at your options.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Stone flooring is luxurious enough that you wouldn’t need any other fancy material or decor for the floor but they can easily cause a fortune to purchase and install. One popular alternative to this is luxury vinyl planks that give the look of natural stone on the floor without being as expensive. They can be installed in any type of subflooring too. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is also soft to the touch and comfortable to walk on because they are able to stay at room temperature even on chilly days. They are easy enough to install and they do well against moisture and humidity too so expect that this material is durable enough. You would have a lot of options too when it comes to colors, designs, and patterns so you can choose something that will go well to your chosen decors and paint job. One popular pattern you can look into is a color pattern resembling a reclaimed timber which can give your bedroom an art deco delight or bohemian theme. And though they look luxurious, they do not require special cleaning so the maintenance for this is simple and easy.

Cork Floors

Cork is one of the most sustainable and natural materials you can get for your flooring. It is not only used as a stopper for your wine bottle or used to make your cork boards but they can also be made into planks that can be installed on your flooring. They are affordable and are made naturally using the bark of cork trees instead of the wood itself. It is a guilt-free choice, especially for environmentally conscious people. Unlike other materials that tend to squeak and make a sound when you walk on them, cork floors are soft and quiet to walk on. During installation, you would need to be extra careful in unpacking to avoid damaging them but they are otherwise easy enough to install because they are able to lock to each other easily. You won’t be able to install this in areas that are constantly wet including the bathroom and kitchen but you can install them in areas you want to look warm and inviting. They are limited in terms of design, color, and pattern but they are great conversation starters because they are not as widely used as other materials.

It is not easy to choose that perfect flooring for your house but you can have affordability as one criterion to help you decide. There are plenty of alternatives available now. These can all provide the satisfaction you need to make your home pleasing and beautiful without breaking the bank.


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