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Achieve The Most Instagrammable Life With Erin & Sara Foster Provided by Gilt City

Last week we caught up with Erin and Sara Foster to catch their tips on how to live the Most Instagrammable Life. Here’s what they had to say!

#1. Oscar de la Renta Backgammon Set


“When someone asks you what you do in your spare time, its important to lie. You can’t say you search the internet for unflattering pictures of celebrities. You have to say you do crossword puzzles and play backgammon. The best way to make this seem believable is to own a beautiful backgammon set like this one. Anyone who comes to your house will think you are chic and sophisticated.” – Erin Foster

#2. Saint Laurent Candy 85 Lace Platform Sandal


“It is extremely important to appear taller than everyone else in photos. These shoes not only give you more height then you can dream of, but allow you to outlast everyone on the dance floor due to them being more comfortable than a sneaker. Hedi Slimane is a genius!” – Sara Foster

#3. Derek Lam Sailor Overall Dress


“Anyone who wears a little sailor dress like this knows they are adorable. I know I’m adorable, thats not something I’m confused about. Everyone on the internet is obvious sexy, that’s boring. But managing to be sexy and showing a little leg, while still looking cute and stylish is hard to pull off. Wearing this dress gives you an opportunity to pull that off, as long as you aren’t pairing it with harsh highlights and a bad spray tan.” – Erin Foster

#4. Louis Vuitton Duffle


“If you’re going to post that cheesy picture in front of a private plane, you better be standing next to some nice luggage. Also, traveling with black luggage is just tempting someone to accidentally take your suitcase home with them and wear your underwear. At least if you swap with someone else’s Louis Vuitton at the airport you know they’re rich and you’re getting some good stuff. ” – Erin Foster

#5. Chanel Black Quilted Purse


“Unless you’re dating a rich older man that you aren’t attracted to, having a handbag addiction is really expensive. And here’s the thing about handbags, they’re trendy for two years and then its social suicide to show up wearing 2013’s IT bag. I can’t afford that kind of habit, because my boyfriend is my age and doesn’t have his own plane yet. So, if you’re going to splurge on one bag, make it a classic that never goes out of style. Your friends will know its the only bag you have, but they won’t crop you out of pictures because of it.” – Erin Foster

#6. Chronicle Books “The History of Surfing” Art


“The history of surfing” always good to appear sporty and outdoorsy.” – Sara Foster

#7. NYTT Off The Shoulder Crop Top


“Off the shoulder crop top” it’s all about this look right now. It’s sexy without being slutty. A great way to show off your body without getting shit for it from your friends.” – Sara Foster

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