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6 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

When trying to describe the genuine feeling of happiness – “living by the moment” or performing simple and true acts of kindness will be mostly used when trying to come close to the best description.

Unfortunately, and especially in the pandemic state we’ve all found ourselves in, living by the moment, finding new friends or engaging in fun activities, like physical exercise, for example (somebody’s joking!) is not enough to simply help us magically find more happiness.
Fortunately, there are some ways we can place ourselves on the right track of this journey.

The Equilibrium

The off-balance in some of the areas of our life happens to all of us, and it wouldn’t be such a problem if the general perception of our imbalance is easy to detect and fix. Most of us are not aware of what is causing this sensation that we are just not fully happy or fulfilled.

Now, imagine all the aspects of one’s life – there are 12 to be exact – circling around as a personal wheel of life and showing the state of one’s abilities, hard work, and success. These aspects can be greatly improved and one of the tools to do it is to download the free Wheel of Life pdf which, as a self-coaching tool, can help you to identify areas of imbalance in your life. You can then use that information to make adjustments to the aspects of your life in which you feel least satisfied and, once identified, you can look for solutions to increase your satisfaction level, your mental and physical well-being, and live a more balanced life.

The Shortcuts

How many times have you felt a sudden strike of happiness, when something impetuously beautiful or happy happened and you are just standing there, trying to manage this acute spur-of-the-moment?

There are several manners to bring yourself to be happier and boost your positivity at the moment and almost instantly. Getting to the true happiness potential, you need to know where to start and sometimes it is just as easy as giving compliments, helping someone cross the road, opening wide your window blinds and letting the sunshine in, going for a walk, eating dark chocolate, or watching a comedy show.

Stop Daydreaming

It is, believe it or not, scientifically proven that those who daydream and are not concentrating on the tasks and reality overall – are less happy. This wandering is causing them to be more depressed and pessimistic because they weren’t realistic about their expectations, things that were currently happening in their lives, and they were living in the past or only thinking about what is to happen.

One of the truest ways to true happiness is being aware of the time, place, socioeconomic situation, and state of mind you’re currently in and, instead of dreaming to be different or better, start planning how to make it different and better.


The importance of quality and long enough sleep on our life, well-being, and, yes, happiness is more than very well known. Many of us still “sacrifice” this fundamental need in the name of work schedules, project deadlines, and productivity when it is adequate sleep that makes us more rested, energized and consequently increases our work productivity!

Therefore, think no more and get that 6 hours and 15 min of undisturbed and quality sleep each night.

Pet Support

If you ask any pet owner, each and everyone will tell you that their pets have brought them pure joy, precious and funny memories. Pet owners also tend to have greater self-esteem, are less depressed and less lonely, and even exercise more!

Nevertheless, never think of buying or getting a pet as an excuse for unhappiness or loneliness, if you are not ready to mentally, physically, and emotionally connect with it. The amount of happiness that pets can bring into our lives depends on how much we are ready to commit to them.

The Science of Smiling

Did you know that when we smile, some biological and chemical processes are happening in our brain and tricking it into thinking we’re somehow happy?

If we also know that smiling (not essentially laughing) relieves our stress and anxiety levels, make us feel a little bit better throughout the day, and affect other people’s mood as well – we really don’t see the reason why such a simple gesture shouldn’t become part of your day, personality trait and happiness process.

The truth is, none of these suggestions reveal true happiness simply because it is highly subjective but, maybe in a combination, will be enough to make you feel happy and more likely to actually go out and engage with the world. That is also the part of traveling on the road to happiness and the further we travel – the happier we become.

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  • Especially during these times, finding ways to increase one’s happiness is vital. Something as seemingly basic as sleep helps, but one may have to go about a lifestyle change, such as getting a new pet.

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