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6 Unique Venues that Make Los Angeles Proud

Los Angeles is a vibrant hub and not just because of its Hollywood culture. There is a very good reason why this city is a popular attraction for partygoers: whatever your mood calls for, you will find the perfect venue or event. You may not get Wiz Khalifa serving his favorite gin cocktails, but you are sure to have a great time discovering LA’s unique bars and restaurants. The six examples below are venues that stand out for their unique use of popular culture to entertain locals and visitors alike. These are places where leisure and entertainment meet to super fun effect.

Scum and Villainy

Star Wars is clearly far from done. The Mandalorian alone has reignited fans’ love for the Lucasfilm universe, which, apart from several rumored films and shows, is branching out even further with the Star Wars: The High Republic publishing project. So it is only natural that themed venues are finding similar success and LA has one of its own. This bar evolved from a pop-up stall to a friendly space where the local geekdom could hang out and have fun. The Scum and Villainy Cantina menu includes food and cocktails inspired by this and other beloved franchises. Even the range of discussions it inspires will not disappoint.

Redwood Bar and Grill

If there is a theme that rivals intergalactic adventures in popularity, that is pirates. Tales of buccaneers sailing across the seven seas in search of treasure and freedom have excited the entertainment industry as much as our imagination. So the Redwood’s owners knew what they were doing when they designed it as a sunken pirate ship. The grungy atmosphere and nautical memorabilia, including plenty of skulls and crossbones, create an ideal setting for themed food and cocktails, often to the beat of great live music. This is one of the simpler examples of how unique your night out in Los Angeles can be.

Two Bit Circus

Technology is one of the biggest growing aspects of the 21st century and LA has long been a leading figure when it comes to immersive technologies that we’re all familiar with today. And as VR and live streaming continue to evolve, so do opportunities for consumers to have fun in unique ways. In 2017, fashion house Moschino streamed a VR version of its LA show, with a small selection of ‘lucky’ shoppers given access to specially branded headsets. Even land-based activities that moved online long before 2017 have been able to innovate in this vein. Developments in live streaming are what have allowed Betway Casino to describe its live casino as immersive. This enables users to experience game options such as variants of roulette or blackjack remotely but in real-time. In the same way, venues are being opened around the world to celebrate other tech, like video games, in fun and safe social environments. For example, you can spend a whole day at LA’s Two Bit Circus playing arcades, escape rooms and VR adventures before grabbing something to eat and drink.

Black Rabbit Rose

The Houston brothers are always pushing the boundaries of hospitality, but this is one of their more special projects. Since its opening in 2017, the Black Rabbit Rose lounge still awes guests with its magic, present around every corner and cocktail glass. The whole place embodies the art of magic and is intended as an enchanting escape from reality, so you may not be able to keep your eyes off the venue’s décor, menu, and entertainment. And that is exactly what the Houston brothers want: to make people smile and keep them coming back for more magic tricks.

Beetle House LA

If you like to celebrate Halloween all year round, look no further. In this place, you can enjoy a good meal while dressed up as your beloved Tim Burton or Bram Stoker characters. Like Scum and Villainy Cantina, the story of Beetle House started in 2016 as a New York pop-up restaurant. Today it has two busy locations to its name with the Los Angeles venue able to accommodate up to 500 people. What you can expect is a fun punk and gothic vibe to the menu, staff, and décor. Can you think of anywhere else where you can pair an Edward Burger Hands with The Beetle’s Juice?

The Mermaid

As a port city, LA has quite a few maritime-themed bars, so it takes effort and quality service to stand out from the crowd. The Mermaid consistently sets a good example in terms of style and hospitality. Visitors step into a world of ocean blues and greens, adding a dreamy effect to the overall low-key design. The cocktails are tropical, the dishes both creative and familiar, using refreshing ingredients like shrimp, pineapple, and jackfruit. The Mermaid offers a range of tasty options and an attractive environment to create good memories with friends, qualities that also make a bar easy to remember for the next outing.

La La Land has an endless supply of unusual venues and geniuses that keep coming up with more. It is not just celebrities you could spot in Los Angeles, but also opportunities for entertainment and ideas for potential ventures of your own. Based on these examples that the public has embraced, popular and local culture is the place to look for head-turning inspiration.

Photo By: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Loop Now Technologies

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