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5 Ways You Need to Prepare for College Life in Los Angeles

The transition period between high school and college is exciting and daunting at the same time. If you will be attending a college in Los Angeles, you need to be adequately prepared for what is to come. During that summer break, you can have fun and still prioritize planning for the future.

Here are a few ways you can prepare for college life in Los Angeles.

Finding a Part-Time Job

Finding a part-time job over the summer will help you save some money for your freshman year. It does not have to be full-time, especially if you are also planning to have some fun the last summer before joining college. For instance, there are a ton of online jobs you can do, like writing and tutoring. In addition, you can either work from home or find a coworking space if your home has many distractions. With coworking spaces increasing, it is estimated that by 2022, there will be around 6,200 coworking spaces in the United States. Due to the flexibility they provide, you are likely to feel less constrained. Other jobs you can do to raise money include babysitting and dog walking.

Creating a Financial Plan

Just like any other big city in the U.S, life in L.A. can be costly. And if you are renting an apartment and commuting to school, you will need a financial plan to avoid inconveniences. Apart from looking for a part-time job, you can also check whether the college offers financial aid and apply to help cut down those tuition fees. Part of having a financial plan is opening a savings account and getting a credit card. Just be careful about how you spend money to avoid getting into debt.

Considering Safety

Every year, about 20 million students join college, with a significant number unaware of the dangers they can face if they are not vigilant. Most assume that a college is a safe community cushioned from the dangers of the world. However, many colleges experience different types of crime, like theft, stalking, bullying, burglaries, and even sexual assault. No one is immune, and you need to be careful.

A five-year study by United Educators found that about 67% of alleged perpetrators on college campuses claimed that the administration failed to follow its disciplinary procedures when handling cases related to sexual misconduct. For this reason, it has become hard to report these cases with people fearing victimization. With that being said, when joining college, know how to stay safe, from keeping your items safe to having a close group of trustworthy friends and being aware of one’s surroundings. This minimizes the chances of you being in danger in a big, new city.

Connecting With Future Classmates

You do not have to wait until college orientation to get to know your classmates. Some colleges have social media pages for incoming students that one can use to contact peers before joining college. Look for people you will be taking the same classes with and reach out to. This will help you when you join your college, as you will already have some friends to hang out with as you adjust to college life.

Gaining Confidence

There are so many ways that can help you gain some confidence before joining college. If you feel that upgrading your wardrobe or working out will give you more confidence, go for it. For others, it can be getting Invisalign to achieve that perfect smile. An Invisalign treatment takes about one year, and it has a success rate of about 96%. Therefore, you can see an ortho before heading to college and get the necessary treatment to restore your confidence. Focus on things that will help boost your self-esteem before heading to college.

The transition to college may feel scary at first, especially when moving to a big city like Los Angeles. It might also be impossible to prepare for college life fully. However, make the most of that summer between high school and college to prepare yourself for the significant changes ahead.

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  • Great article. It is very important for me, but in addition to preparing for student life, it is also important to take a responsible approach to preparing for entering college. Here, the first place is not grades, but a high-quality personal statement. I am very worried about this. I hope that will help me with this. After all, it is very important to make a good impression on the selection committee.

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