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4 Useful Tips for Growing Your Own Cannabis

Now that cannabis has been legalized in some nations and many US states, it’s easier than ever to grow your own cannabis. When you grow your cannabis, you have complete control over the quantity and quality of your product. It can be incredibly rewarding to grow your own crop, but it also comes with challenges. This post will cover four valuable tips that you can utilize if you are just beginning on your ganja growing journey.

1. Select The Strains You Want To Grow

As briefly mentioned earlier, there are two primary strains of cannabis that everything else is derived from. However, you can use dedicated online cannabis seed banks that provide a wide range of hybrids to choose from when you are starting out. Each seed will have pros and cons, so you need to make your selection wisely. Nonetheless, if you want to begin simply, you can use these seed banks to purchase one of the two main strains:

– Indica: This strain makes you sleepy and provides a good night’s sleep. Perfect for decompressing after a hard day at work.

– Sativa: Cannabis sativa is the version that makes you more active and chatty. It sparks creativity and is brilliant if you want to take a walk in the wilderness with your mates.

2. Think If You Will Grow Indoors Or Outdoors

Depending on weather and legalities, you can grow your bud either indoors or outdoors.


Growing cannabis indoors will eliminate the need to spend money on outdoor plants and limit how much you can grow. Furthermore, you will need to invest in more equipment such as tents, aquaponic gear, and ventilation. Additionally, you will have to spend more on lighting for your plants to thrive. However, the advantages are that you have more control over almost all variables like quality, flavor, and strength.


Growing cannabis outdoors is a popular trend nowadays to preserve the natural environment and promote sustainable agriculture. This trend has many advantages. It allows for more natural control over the plant’s quality and taste. However, you’ll have to contend with the weather and think of ways to discourage bugs from devastating your crop.

3. Invest In The Right Gear

The equipment needed for outdoor growers is much less, but for those looking to grow indoors, there are some essential items:
– Grow tent
– Lighting
– A soil or aquaponics system
– Ventilation for airflow
– Filters
– Humidity and temperature control
– Timers
– Enough space to grow your desired amount

4. Maintain Good Airflow For Great Ganja

When growing cannabis, it is imperative that you have sufficient airflow. In order to produce the best possible quality plants that are free of mold and fungus, you need to make sure that they are providing your plants with enough oxygen and fresh air. You should use oscillating fans and high-quality air filters that don’t allow any particulates or impurities into the air to achieve this.

Advantages Of Growing Your Own Weed

Cannabis has become a legal plant in many countries and jurisdictions for personal use, so it is not surprising that more people are looking at ways to grow it themselves to save money and ensure quality. Some of the main advantages include:

– You can ensure a constant supply: There is nothing worse than wanting a midnight spliff only to find out that you have run out of bud. Dispensaries are closed, and deliveries usually arrive the next day at best. However, if you grow your own, you will have a consistent supply (if you do it right) and be ready to get high at a moment’s notice.

– You know exactly what goes into it: Although most dispensaries tout their organic credentials, the truth is that you simply don’t know how they grow their produce. If you grow it yourself, you will know exactly what goes into it.

– You will learn a raft of new skills: It’s fun to learn, and learning how to grow a crop with medicinal and mind-altering properties is even more fun.

– You can experiment to your heart’s desire: There are two main strains (discussed later in the post) but limitless varieties of hybrid strains. You can experiment and create a new strain that fits your needs perfectly.

– You save money: While the initial cost of equipment is high, the more you grow and consume, the more you save.

Growing your own cannabis can be a rewarding endeavor. But before you start, make sure you’re prepared. Whether growing indoors or out or wondering which strains to choose, follow these tips to ensure success.


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