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4 Most Common Causes of Machinery Failure (and How to Prevent Them)

If you are running a factory or any venture that uses a machine, you probably have suffered machine downtimes. Your machine can reduce its working capacity or fail to work ultimately. When such happens, you either lose your production or suffer losses in productivity, spare parts, and repair costs. Any machine owner needs to maintain their machinery well to prevent these losses. This article will explain four common causes of machine failure and ways you can prevent them. Therefore, if you own a manufacturing plant or you have any machinery you use at your workplace or home, you should read this article to the end. Let’s get straight to the list.

Improper Operation

Any machine, whether small or large, should be operated and handled as required. Besides this, every machine should do the task intended for, and not any other task, even if it’s able to. The way you operate your machine can have a significant impact on its performance.
Operating it wrongly or using it for not intended tasks can create failure, leading to huge losses. Anyone operating the machine should be highly skilled with operating procedures and must have the best practices to maintain the machine in operation. However, when it comes to a situation when the operator isn’t well trained on the machine and wrongly operates it, such can lead to failure of the machine and damage to its parts. A solution to this issue is for companies to ensure that they have trained staff for each machine. At least each machine should have two operators so that when one is away, the other can operate the machine as required. Ensure the same gets implemented in your company or any other place to prevent recurring machine failures.

Failing to Perform Preventive Maintenance

Any machine with moving parts will require regular maintenance and servicing to continue giving the best performance. However, not many individuals and companies keep this into consideration and will continue operating the machine until it finally stalls. Please do not wait until it comes to this. Ensure that professionals maintain every machine at required intervals. You can learn more at for your machine maintenance and servicing. Maintaining and servicing your machine has many advantages, including getting to know and fix mechanical problems, noticing and changing worn-out parts, and finding better ways to make your machine perform better. Also, regular maintenance ensures your machine serves you more efficiently and lasts longer. With preventive maintenance, you can reduce up to 30% energy and maintenance costs, have 45% fewer breakdowns, and enjoy reduced downtimes to almost 75%.

Failing to Monitor the Equipment

Most modern machines, including generators and other manufacturing machines, are automatic. This means they will continue working as long as they have the proper commands. However, like human beings, machines also need to be monitored to ensure they work efficiently. Some will require fuel, oil, coolants, and regular changing of parts to ensure they keep up with your production needs. What happens when you don’t feed them with the required items? Of course, they will slow down, and some will ultimately fail. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your machine sensors and see what is missing or required for the machine to perform efficiently, as required. Noticing specific changes and dealing with them promptly diverts away some breakdowns and failures. Therefore, every company should have a reliable system to monitor their machines and have an emergency team on call to check on the machines in case of issues. This idea ensures consistent production and reduces the machine failure rate.

Bad Reliability Culture

Ever been to a company that expects constant production daily? This situation makes the machine operators run the machines even when they notice something wrong with it to meet their targets. Besides this, some operators will run the machine beyond its capacity or time to achieve their targets, as set by their managers. This habit causes machine failures as some machine parts won’t keep up with such high demands. Therefore, to prevent this, individuals and companies must know their machine capacity and run them to that capacity to prevent breakdowns and machine failures. These capacities ensure that machines do not overwork, do not overheat, and do not over-consume power to ensure that targets are met. Besides this, companies must ensure their employees are trained on capacities and keep their machines at a good running state. Equipment and machines aren’t like humans and thus are unpredictable. People operating them might make mistakes, parts might get worn out, and sometimes, the unfortunate might happen, making the machine break down completely. To avoid all these, ensure you observe all the required measures and have experts maintain and service your machines so that they remain in good condition at all times.


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