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4 Gadgets Every Tennis Player Can Use To Improve Their Game

Tennis is one of the most advanced sports in terms of technological features. In the early ’70s, the sports introduced electronic line judges and incorporated it into today’s Hawk-Eye system built with a multi-camera view. These days, tennis players have a variety of high-tech accessories to help them be on their best performance. Fitness trackers are widely popular among players and widely used and recommended by pros. If you play tennis and want to be like Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams, now is the time to check out some cool tools that you might want to consider having the next time you hit the court.

Here are four gadgets every tennis player must have designed to improve your game on the court:

Smart Tennis Sensor

This is a tracking accessory run by Bluetooth connectivity that will be connected to the base or the bottom part of your tennis racket. Since it has Bluetooth capability, you can connect it to your phone through a dedicated mobile app and records your performance. Giving you the ability to track your swings, statistics, and heat mapping. One of the best sensors available in the market is the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor. The feature that brings this gadget on top of the list is the Live Mode feature that records each shot together with actual video footage of the game.

Ball Coach

Improving your swing is essential when playing tennis. It is also important to know the force impacted on the ball. If you want to get better shots, the Pocket Radar ball coach is your friend. It can accurately track service speeds ranging from 25 to 130 MPH. It is sleek in design and shows similarity in size to an old Nokia 3310. You can ask your coach to hold it for you or connect it to a gorilla tripod and stick it to the fences of the court. This gadget is recommended for amateurs and pros who want to track their ball speed information.


Smartwatch today gathers data about the player’s movements such as hand serves, smashes, volleys, and many more. It also can keep track of your racket speed, shots, rally, and rate. Same as the other smartwatch tennis and other wearable gadgets, you simply need to pair it to your smartphone. Once you are done pairing it, just wear it and it will begin tracking your performance.

Tennis Ball Machine

Having a ball machine is a great investment for players who are starting to play tennis. It is a good training device as well for beginners and professionals. However, the old ball machines need a second person to manually operate the machine. The good thing is, there are tennis ball machines now that are controlled by smartphones. One perfect example is the Lobster Phenom Two Ball Machine. It is integrated with a Wi-Fi receiver, so you can control using your phone. This machine can hold up to 250 balls and can spit out balls for up to 85mph. It can also spitballs in 18 different shot drills.

These are just some of the best tennis gadgets that can help improve your game in court. These gadgets are here to guide you and give an important statistic on what to improve. Hopefully, the list will give you an insight into which is the best gadget that fits your needs.


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