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4 Fantastic Ideas For Your Next Vacation

As Covid restrictions begin to ease around the world and after a long period of staying at home, many people are starting to plan their first vacations in a long time. It’s exciting that travel is starting to open up once more, as so many people have been longing for a change of scenery for such a long time. If you’re looking to get away for your first vacation in a couple of years, you may be stumped about where to go. Luckily, there are plenty of great locations opening up, available for tourists, with great things to do and see. Let’s take a look at four fantastic ideas for your next vacation.

1. A Local Change

It’s no surprise to find that some people aren’t yet ready for planes, trains, or other packed modes of public transport and would like to stay a little closer to home for their next vacation. That’s totally understandable, especially if you are vulnerable or just feeling a little worried about traveling. Fortunately, the US is jam-packed with great places to travel to, without ever having to get on a plane or leave the country. One of the top ways of getting away, then, should be staying in your state but visiting somewhere completely different. Say you are a Californian, used to the lifestyle in one of the state’s biggest cities. Instead, head to somewhere like Bakersfield. If you search for the best things to do in Bakersfield, you’ll find that there’s plenty in a place like this to take you away from the hustle and bustle of your modern, busy life, and it’s not even hard to get to! Places like this have a much more chilled-out way of life, with family museums, riverside parks, and even horseback riding. Staying close to home but also escaping the rush, what could be better?

2. Go For Snow

On a similar note, you could head north to one of this country’s amazing mountain locations. A short trip to Denver will get you a mile above sea level, with great snow-capped mountains surrounding the city. You could enjoy a few days in the city, taking in some sports or some of the town’s awesome breweries, then head to the mountains. Places like Boulder have ski resorts suitable for families or individuals alike. With mountain runs ranging from the easiest to the hardest diamond runs, you’ll be able to find a slope suited to your skill level. Plus, while you’re up there, you can take advantage of the amazing food, bars, and nightlife available in the cabins and resorts on the slopes. Once again, you’re not going far from home, but you are certainly experiencing a proper vacation.

3. Head South of the Border

If you are looking to travel a little further afield, there’s always the easy yet awesome option of visiting Mexico. Mexico has been on the doorstep of the US for many years, yet not enough travelers take advantage of its amazing locations. For a city break, head to Mexico City or Cancun, the latter of which will also have an amazing array of beaches to head to. If you’re looking for something a little different, try Isla Holbox. This quiet island is a world away from the busy modern life most people lead. It’s far enough away that it’s not fully packed with tourists, and you can visit the town for a bit of nightlife or stay close to the beach for extended quiet time. It truly is a magical destination, just a few hours from most of the United States.

4. Visit Europe

For the person who’s ready to hit the road, why not head to Europe? Most of Europe is now accepting tourism again, especially in those who are fully vaccinated. England is great in the summertime if you’re looking for history, museums, good drinks, and busy city times. If you want a bit more guaranteed sun, head to one of the islands of Greece or Spain. These areas are guaranteed sun most of the year, with temperatures soaring in the summer months. You’ll find delicious locally sourced food, amazing wines, and views to die for if you hit any of these islands. It’s a lot further to go, but a truly wonderful experience should you choose to. Something for every kind of traveler then. Whether you want to spend some time in the air or just drive a few miles across the state, there are plenty of options to choose from for your next vacation. Whatever you choose, have fun! You deserve it.


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