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adidas Originals | NMD Immersive Photo Experience With Estevan Oriol

This past weekend, adidas Originals launched the first installment of its two-part ‘NMD’ Immersive Photo Gallery Experience curated by the legendary street photographer, Estevan Oriol in Los Angeles. Representing the future of urban exploration, adidas Originals’ NMD embodies the spirit of the nomad and those who use the streets as their canvas. With the aim to empower future street photographers, Oriol and colleagues Brian Willette and Cole Younger took to

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adidas Originals ‘NMD’ Immersive Photo Exhibit by Estevan Oriol

RSVP – adidas Originals presents an immersive NMD photo gallery experience curated by legendary Los Angeles-based photographer Estevan Oriol. Oriol, alongside fellow photographers Brian Willette and Cole Younger, will lead a photo meetup comprised of next generation street photographers through the streets of Los Angeles. The meetup will culminate in a photographic series capturing powerful moments of the city, along with hand-selected works by the street photographers who participated in

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