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ASICS LA Marathon Elite Athlete Press Conference w/ Tracey Russell

Tracey Russell, Chief Executive of LA Marathon LLC, started the 2015 LA Marathon Press Conference today with lots of useful information and tips on the race. This is the second year that the LA Marathon is officially sold out with 26,000 people running from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Beach. There will be 176 legacies running for this years 30th LA Marathon, which means that they will have completed this

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Try ClassPass, The New Fitness App that Everyone is Raving About.

ClassPass is a subscription service that offers unlimited monthly access to various fitness classes around town. ClassPass works by giving users unlimited access to any of the studios or classes on the ClassPass platform (which is over 500) for just $99/month. The only caveat is that users can not return to the same class more than three times in a month. This keeps people actually going to work out because

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